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    Iranian SU-30SM spotted.

    It's probably Algerian. Iran has not concluded any order for SU-30s.
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    Pakistani MRE and other Field Rations.

    Are these available in Lahore? On hiking trips to the north these would be useful!
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    Pakistani MRE and other Field Rations.

    Where did you find these MREs and how long are their expiry periods (like years or just months)? The generation that lived through the Great Depression stockpiled MREs all their lives. Many Americans still do. This is something vital to have around for emergencies or flooding/incidents in...
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    Afghan Crisis Grows as Push to Retake Kunduz Falters

    They're fighting against pedophile "bacha-baaz" Afghans. The US-installed govt is crumbling now that the US is gone and no longer propping them up. Westernized Afghans are reaping what they sowed. Soviet-installed Najibullah govt also went the same way. But it is surprising that the govt has...
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    When US supported Pak military bloodshed in Bangladesh

    In the "next war", 100's of nukes will burn the sub-continent. Moronity is sublime.
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    What are the Rules regarding promoting one's own podcast?

    So MarkSien, how about that podcast link?
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    What are the Rules regarding promoting one's own podcast?

    Webby please post your decision/result of your consideration here as well. I've always found Bilal sahab/Mark Sien's posts pretty insightful. @Mark Sein, could you PM me a link?
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    Where are the retired aircrafts of PAF?

    What different places? I've seen the one at China chowk, any others?
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    MURAT YETKN > Four big headaches for Turkey

    Turkey used to have a "zero-problems" policy with it's neighbors, where it was working to be a great neighbor and friend. This policy had helped Turkey win the hearts and minds of it's neighbors, and also had economic benefits. Erdogan should go back to that. Everyone makes mistakes, and it's a...
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    If we get a government that has integrity, and isn't itself corrupt, they'd be able to reign in instances of excesses like this. One of IK's promises has been that he would go for justice across the board, even in the army. It actually makes the military a better fighting unit, with corrupt...
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    Khan, Taliban and the Crackpot Science!

    Look up the video coverage of Imran Khan's visit to Malala in the hospital, if you're really interested. He condemned the perpetrators of that heinous crime, clearly and explicitly. And as I mentioned before, it isn't "brave" to have other people pay with their lives, as a consequence for your...
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    Khan, Taliban and the Crackpot Science!

    Imran Khan HAS condemned the militancy, repeatedly. If he raises the ire of the militancy leadership any more, the consequences won't be borne by him, they'll be borne by his local party representatives and members in the tribal agencies. PTI is the most popular party among the population of the...
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    Khan, Taliban and the Crackpot Science!

    It absolutely and factually is. IK says we should separate the civilian population, and have targeted operations based on good intel, that eliminate the militant leadership hierarchy. Because he says we stop things like indiscriminate long-range artillery bombing and similar actions which cause...
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    Khan, Taliban and the Crackpot Science!

    What a bunch of dribble. Conjecture after conjecture, with absolutely no facts to back anything he's saying. For example, he says that Imran Khan tries to please the military and tries to remain "in the good books of a faction of Military establishment". If this guy was any less ignorant, he'd...
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    Muslims are least likely to have premarial sex : Scientific Research

    That's why the West has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Kids who grow up in these broken homes(where the step-dad doesn't want 'em at the Mom's place and the step-Mom doesn't like having them around their dad) have problems, for example, higher adolescent suicide rate statistics...
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    NYPD paid me to 'bait' Muslims

    Indos considerably lower the quality of this forum. They vomit out their venom on everyone else, be they Bengali, Chinese, Pakistani, or *ANYONE* else. It's this very mentality which causes them to have problems with most of their neighbors. NYPD instigating and staging these incidents isn't...
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    Imran to bring devastation if voted to power: Nisar!

    "He doesn't look very knowledgeable"... man, you clearly don't know much about our country's politics. What other politician has multiple published books under his belt, that he actually wrote himself(and not ghostwritten)? Other politicians only talk about Waziristan, he's actually travelled...
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    Did Americans stage 9/11?

    ... The people who designed and built those towers are "proper experts", and they were shocked that the building could fall the way it did after being hit by passenger jets: Secondly, THOUSANDS of architects, engineers and demolition experts came forward saying the WTC collapsing unto itself...
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    Imran urges Zardari to act against Sharifs

    If Imran Khan was "power-hungry", he would have compromised at any of the numerous chances he was given. He could have allied with Benazir, or taken up Nawaz Sharif's offer of 30+ National Assembly seats. He could have taken up Musharraf's offer, and become Musharraf's Prime Minister instead of...
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    Did Americans stage 9/11?

    And the websites supporting the govt narrative and "debunking" all this evidence on 9/11, have also been debunked by proper experts - which you'd know if you went through the links I posted.

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