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    Lal Masjid standoff begins

    Yes a better way is to make him your Amir ul Momineen. Why not? Lets turn Pakistan into a medieval hell hole where people would be beheaded for being non Muslim, Shias would be killed, Ahmadis and Hindus would be given a choice to die or convert. Christains would be forced to pay Jizya or...
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    Islamabad: Red Mosque Alert

    What a joke, might as well surrender to this Burka mullah and make him your Caliph. Pakistani state is too weak to deal with terrorism. I have reached two conclusions as to why this Mullahs and his supporters are still around: 1. The Establishment is scared of him and does not want to take...
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    France Begins Shutting Down Mosques and Schools in Crackdown on 'Political Islam'

    Is it also legal in Pakistan? Because all of the above happens in Pakistani madarsas and villages.
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    Jibran Nasir’s new campaign presents an alternate reality of Kashmir

    I know why most Pakistanis hate Jibran Nasir, its because he has given courage to the sane minded Pakistani seculars to rise up and let their voices be heard. The establishment, mullahs and the fuedals/politicians all work together in screwing Pakistan over and over and they don't like avergae...
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    High-paid Indian banker fired for stealing food from office canteen

    Ah yes most rich South Asian men are momma's boys and can't even fry an egg. He should learn how to cook.
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    Tehran proposes five-nation bloc to tackle regional issues

    Just a small example, In UK you see clothes made in India, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Vietnam but I hardly see anything from Pakistan. Our most well known exports to UK are: 1. Grooming gangs 2. Bearded Mullahs 3. Wannabe drug dealing gangsters 4. Suicide bombers/terrorists 5. Benefit...
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    My ribs just fractured laughing too hard LOLOL

    Didn't even watch the video, stop polluting PDF with your veggie entertainment.
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    Afghan militant shell kills 7 from same family in Pakistan

    Are you one of those morons who worship Imran Khan? You people are no different to Nawaz and Zaradri supporters who worship their corrupt masters.
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    Afghan militant shell kills 7 from same family in Pakistan

    Don't worry Taliban Khan will send more free goodies to Afghanistan.
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    Iran uses national ID card for fresh discrimination against Baha'i

    Calling yourself a philosopher doesn't acutally make you smarter, if you think that I should get banned for speaking against persecution of minorites then you're dumber then a sack of potatoes or perhaps a secret Islamist hiding behind British flags. Don't bother replying to me please, I've made...
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    Iran uses national ID card for fresh discrimination against Baha'i

    Okay whatever makes you feel good about yourself, I can't write much here or that mod called ''The Eagle'' will come and ban me. Why becuase I'm against persecution of religious minorities?
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    Iran uses national ID card for fresh discrimination against Baha'i

    Why? Because they started another religion? Maybe the Jews should scrap citizenship of Christains and Muslims in Israel since both of these religions copied their religion and came after Judaism.
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    Kenya expresses interest in importing Pakistan’s mangoes, citrus fruits

    One day I hope to read news of Pakistan exporting more then just mangoes and cotton.
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    Pakistan is my country, I love my country but I am in exile forever: Aasia Bibi

    This is just sad. Mullahs msut be happy giving Pakistan a bad name over and over again. Its time to get rid of Mullahs.
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    Pakistan compares its treatment of refugees with Western world?

    Well yeah I don't think European governments have any choice but to back uncle sam or else Russia would steam roll across Europe.
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    France to send warships to support Greece in Turkish standoff

    They can always import some good catholic African boys from Africa to counter the Turks lmfao. The future of Europe is not Arab or Pakistani lol. We don't care nor do we have the numbers to take over anyone. Its the African take over of Europe, even now in UK the media openly promotes half Black...
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    In Europe, punitive measures are beginning to be applied for calls to fight Islamization

    Islamic take is a wrong term, also what is Islamic takeover anyway? is it Arab take over or Pakistani takeover? How many Arabs were migrating in large numbers before the Libyan and Syrian mess? Only Western European countries had large immigrant communities from commonwealth/colonies like South...
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    France to send warships to support Greece in Turkish standoff

    This has nothing to do with China, please stop your China obsession for a minute. :)

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