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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    The offensive is politically driven. The West has made it clear that they want an offensive if aid is to continue. My understanding is that Zaluzhny was against it. The flip side is that if this offensive fails, the West might lose hope and reduce aid to Ukraine. Either way, the West has...
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    New "Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) is Coming

    OP: Just what we need, another political party. Can't have too much of a good thing..... :dance3:
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    I will take reserves to $100 Billion - Zardari

    It was said about his daughter that she didn't know the difference between the states assests and her own....
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    Top 20 most dangerous countries

    Freedom:dance3: doesn't come cheap!..
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    Chinese Defense Minister Li Tells Foreign Militaries, ‘Mind Your Own Business’

    An instructor at the US staff college ( I forget his name) wrote a book on how the US has not won a war since WW2, implying that the US did not win the Korean war. At the end of the war the communist forces had driven the US back to the DMZ. The introduction of Russian mig-15's, with Russian...
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    Yanis Varoufakis on why the idea that Southern Europe is more corrupt than Northern Europe is a myth

    I love this guy. The amount of corruption at the higher levels in Europe is off the scale.
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    British army chief visits Pakistan for 'defence engagement'

    The UK can provide us with nothing that China can't, and China is much more trustworthy. The 'engagement' is, my guess, to get Pakistan on board the US/ UK agenda for the coming conflict between the West and China/Russia.
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    CIA Leak Reveals DISTURBING News About Israel

    Not again! :laugh:
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    Pakistani Man Killed in Turkey with "Pig Tie" method

    Glad to see that you are moving in the right direction. And no, I am not a liar.
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    Pakistani Man Killed in Turkey with "Pig Tie" method

    No, wrong video. She was speaking in parliament. I believe a long time ago.
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    Pakistani Man Killed in Turkey with "Pig Tie" method

    I saw a video of the first Turkish female mp giving a speech wearing a hijab . Some of the opposition mp's were virtually hysterical with their hatred of her.
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    Pakistani Man Killed in Turkey with "Pig Tie" method

    Mustapha Kemal was a secularist. That was a pretty long time ago, and the various Turkish government institutions have always promoted it.
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    PPP Health minister claims Imran’s mental stability is ‘questionable’

    They forgot to add that Imran Khan beats his donkey...
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    This offensive has been kicking off for months. Yes, it might happen, but the chances of it succeeding are between zero and none.
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    Pakistan's Economy - News and Updates

    Would it help if we got on our knees and begged?
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    Breaking: Bakhmut has been liberated to be called Artemovsk

    A radioactive cloud is drifting over Europe, over Poland now. The UK had no qualms about sending radioactive munitions to Ukraine/Russia; now this radioactivity is coming home. Karma is very quick nowadays....
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    Breaking: Bakhmut has been liberated to be called Artemovsk

    It is a strategic hub and of critical importance. You could tell that Nato was about to lose it when it suddenly became a city of no value in the press. I believe that the Russian have about 200,00 troops in theater that have yet to be committed, the expected Ukrainian offensive has been...
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    Japan Posts Record ¥20 Trillion Trade Deficit in 2022

    Japan with a trade deficit? Also Germany heading in the same direction. The world as we know it is being stood on its head. We are heading towards a new world order.
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    Pakistan has the Highest Rate of Diabetes Worldwide

    An MP in Britain is trying to bring in legislation to ban cousin marriages in the UK. I believe that they are banned in certain US states. Not sure if that is the cause though.

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