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  1. Liquidmetal

    Dar has said that we now have to learn to live without the IMF.

    This munshi who is nothing but an imposed low IQ fraudster has bankrupted the country. We are a few weeks away from default, and only surviving because of the small help from friends who do not want such a large population of hungry nutters imploding. The only solution is elections, political...
  2. Liquidmetal

    No End To Suicides Amongst Indian Forces!

    With all due respect, these are individual suicides by men with mental health issues, can someone please explain the suicide-murder by the generals of the Pak army & Pakistan?
  3. Liquidmetal

    grocery prices in Pakistan in Indian rupee

    Luckily for Indians they don't have loads of greedy mafias, in PK hoarding and cartel forming is very common which pushes up prices, law enforecement is virtually stone age and corrupt, and on top a poorly educated awam that is led by the nose by the religioust o DHA mafias led all the way to...
  4. Liquidmetal

    Pakistan—the Ship is Sinking - Lt Gen Tariq Khan (R)

    Brilliant. Must read. My sentiments are beautifully expressed here. Thank you.
  5. Liquidmetal

    It's Official : US Official confirms that India is not an ally of the US

    Wishful thinking! Look at the USA treatment of the 2 countries - see India is a democratic growing economic and military power and Pakistan is nothing more than another imbecilic Muslim banana republic. almost 1 million educated Pakistanis left since the regime change, economy has collapsed and...
  6. Liquidmetal

    Pakistan—the Ship is Sinking - Lt Gen Tariq Khan (R)

    I like Gen Tariq - I feel he is an honourable man hobbled by the country and his institution which displays great valour on one side and great treason too. The traitors usually wear the rank of general - with their allegiance shifting from the country to the people who promoted them and the...
  7. Liquidmetal

    Extreme Pakistan Bashing

    My apologies, no we can tolerate anyone wishing for PK to be gone but can understand the deep malaise where the elite - the generals & pols etc disrespect and break the law and constitution like it is their paid for mistresses and call girls to be used and tossed aside when they want. The...
  8. Liquidmetal

    Extreme Pakistan Bashing

    Typical ostrich mindset - blame the raped not the rapist. The generals along with the venal politicians & civil servants etc - the Islamabad Club - in central Isloo on several hundred acres of land with rolling lawns, posh service and subsidised food pays only $150 per year rent to the state...
  9. Liquidmetal

    What Pakistan Army Should Do To Redeem Itself?

    1 liner: Give independence back to Pakistan and stop being brown colonial masters. No more occupation and hang Bajwa for treason.
  10. Liquidmetal

    Is this the end of Pakistan? Have the colonial traitors sold the nation out?

    Oue own effing army sold us out after trampling on our rights for 72 years, it has decided to lie down and surrender, Effing imbeciles and cowards
  11. Liquidmetal

    IMF is not willing to sign the contract without the opposition party.

    why do Indians fear Imran Khan so much? loool. cut your propaganda bs - PTI is the only party trying to save Pakistan after the disastrous regime change op when Pak was +6% growth now to bankrupt levels where the IMF before parting with a couple of billion $$$ needs the guarantee of the main...
  12. Liquidmetal

    All those who conspired against Nawaz ‘met their fate’: Maryam

    If free and fair elections are held - as is required by the law then PDM would be defeated, PTI could obtain a majority. This is something the generals cannot stomach because they know a strong anti-corruption party in power would also put a noose around their necks too. Hence, the awful...
  13. Liquidmetal

    All those who conspired against Nawaz ‘met their fate’: Maryam

    and your point is? Before IK became PM, there was really only PPP v PML-N - both crappy parties but preferred PML-N over the venal & disgraceful PPP led by the Zardari Junta but in reality both parties did not care much for Pakistan and my real loyalty was with the military. I have been a...
  14. Liquidmetal

    All those who conspired against Nawaz ‘met their fate’: Maryam

    Should be in jail but **** Makers & Liars - Nawaz group (PMLN) is strong with the **** and use them to blackmail judges and killing witnesses. Shameless woman - plastic chorni nani that went on a 4 month jaunt in all the most expensive locations in Europe but **** makers did not have the ability...
  15. Liquidmetal

    My advise to Pakistani, don't lose hope !

    Rubbish Pak needs political stability and with a vacuum with the major and biggest party out of the assemblies no economic plan can succeed this is only possible with the people choosing their gov who is that gov should come in for full 5 years and take the hard decisions inc and esp rule of law...

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