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  1. kingkobra

    Why Indian mangoes are better than Pakistani ones

    Have tasted hundreds of mango varieties but nothing even came close to Alphonso..King of the fruits.... Would like to taste pakistani mango though...where can i taste one in mumbai?
  2. kingkobra

    Muslims prosper in Gujarat and Kerala; UP, Bihar the worst

    so appeasement does not work as good as equal development opportunity?? who would have guessed? certainly not the sickularists...
  3. kingkobra

    India Developing, but still a long way to go

    I live in mumbai and mumbai does not even come close to New Delhi in terms of infrastructure...Maharashtra all though a leader in almost every economical aspect has very unreliable infrastructure.
  4. kingkobra

    Caste composition of Indian members!

    Thanks for taking time to report the post.
  5. kingkobra

    Caste composition of Indian members!

    I dream of the day when our society gets rid of castes and sects...until then I am caste-less and sect-less and my actions will continue to be caste-less and sect-less.
  6. kingkobra

    Panaji: Only one Nigerian out of 52 arrested last month had passport, says police

    Nope..brought up in Kalyan now in Thane. I have seen few Africans in Kalyan East side too.. That is why I have highlighted the etc part to sum up these illegal professions.
  7. kingkobra

    How India was before Islam

    Occult is present in almost all parts of world...Before Islam India was land of vedic dharma, teachings of lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha and guru nanakji... after islam people learned about teachings of prophet muhammad and with Christianity people learned about teachings of Jesus christ But are...
  8. kingkobra

    Panaji: Only one Nigerian out of 52 arrested last month had passport, says police

    Not every nigerian is footballer..there is huge african population in Diva & Mumbra (Suburbs of Thane). There are at least 2 africans working in my company which is a financial KPO in Mumbai...Most of them come here for education, jobs, medical treatments, business etc.
  9. kingkobra

    india's first monorail started in mumbai

    After seeing so many off topic congi posters in this thread I have been pushed even farther away from ever voting for congress.... Taking dig at NaMo and his state which has been a leading exporter in india even in 2010 & 2011 Gujarat, Maharashtra account for 46% of exports in 2010-11 |...
  10. kingkobra

    Message to Vegetarians

    In the beginning human beings wore no clothes, were wanderers , had no sense of family and in many ways were equal to animals....but later human beings started to think and learned how to farm and developed choice...the best choice as far as I am concerned was to settle down, start family & give...
  11. kingkobra

    Message to Vegetarians

    1. Vitamin B12 : Milk. 2. creatine : not needed at all even for body building..so many vegetarian and even vegan bodybuilders out there.....creatine deficiency affects brain function?? Go search for thousands of vegetarian scientists out there. 3.Vitamin D3 : Sunlight is the best source for...
  12. kingkobra

    This world is in danger ,it,s time to deal with these hindus

    Oh boy not the junkies on this forum again...
  13. kingkobra

    Message to Vegetarians

    Unlike the popular belief Islam does not force you to eat meat...rather Islam asks everyone to be kind towards everyone including animals.
  14. kingkobra

    Message to Vegetarians

    Non veg food equals waste of resources like water , energy. Non veg food equals unnecessary violence Non veg food equals regressive approach rather than progressive as there is no need of eating non veg food after humans discovered farming. Non veg food equals destruction of earth one bite at...
  15. kingkobra

    How many Marathi members are here on PDF?

    Koni koni Pahila re chitrapt?
  16. kingkobra

    Shame For India

    These superstitions are rampant in south asia irrespective of religions and so please do not bring religion into this...This bill should punish all the fake godmen irrespective of their religious ideology.
  17. kingkobra

    Bejan Daruwalla on the past, present and future

    Astrology is for weak people who like to take credit for their success but need something else to blame for their failures...
  18. kingkobra

    What Indians will do on MARS ?

    Do not think for a second that we are here because we are obsessed with pakistan. There are many forums from pakistan on the internet but this one stand out due to its outreach and other good/bad things. We admire good things about other countries which might even be our enemies. ----------- On...
  19. kingkobra

    Since Earliest Historical Times Hinduism Was Never Popular in Pakistan

    To which I again show you the mantra which states that indra, mitra, varuna, agni etc are names of one true god. Rig Veda 1.164.46: Indraṃ mitraṃ varuṇamaghnimāhuratho divyaḥ sa suparṇo gharutmān, ekaṃ sad viprā bahudhā vadantyaghniṃ yamaṃ mātariśvānamāhuḥ "They call him Indra, Mitra, Varuṇa...
  20. kingkobra

    Since Earliest Historical Times Hinduism Was Never Popular in Pakistan

    All the monotheistic formats and buddhism you are referring to have evolved after the vedic religion with many influences from vedas ..Buddhism & Jainism would not have been possible without presence of vedic religion in this part of world. One thing that everyone should remember that Buddhism...

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