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  1. deep_blue

    PM Imran Khan vs Opposition No Confidence Vote- Updates and Discussion

    MQM P and MQM London was basically the same group. Word "P" was added just to deceive the law, to avoid complete ban. However their activities(read criminal) were limited and situation was under control. But every MQM member serves as sleeper cell of Altaf Hussain. In a few weeks or may be...
  2. deep_blue

    PM Imran Khan vs Opposition No Confidence Vote- Updates and Discussion

    No. We dont have farms for pigs. They usually like to stay in London.
  3. deep_blue

    PM Imran Khan vs Opposition No Confidence Vote- Updates and Discussion

    Ok now matter goes to Supreme Court. And Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar has also been dismessed by president. Why?
  4. deep_blue

    New cheif minister to be hamza shahbaz

    If Shehbaz is going to be next PM and Hamza is CM punjab, what PPP got then?
  5. deep_blue

    Pakistan Day Parade, 23rd March 2022.

    A true Pakistani ....indeed:pakistan::woot::woot:
  6. deep_blue

    Lahore high court Judge gets his car tyres changed for 74000 USD

    Sssshhhhhhhh!!!! Dont dare to criticize "aala adliya"
  7. deep_blue

    Pakistan - Turkey (PAC-TAI) Collaboration for NGFA-TFX 5th Gen Aircraft l Updates, News & Discussion

    1.Is PAF trying to achive commonality of fleet/ weapons/ avionics with friendly nations i.e China, Turkey? 2. Is Pakistan Trying to bring together China and Turkey in technical areas? 3. Can we expect flow of Turkish tech into JF17 current or future block(if any)?
  8. deep_blue

    Pakistan still a strategic partner, reaffirms US

    USA " Pakistan still a strategic partner" Pakistan
  9. deep_blue

    Busted Bharti Arnab Now Begging For Burnol !

    "Somebody wants to see stupids, turn East."
  10. deep_blue

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    Golden words. Thank you so much for this short and smart defination. These words will be quoted again and again... Atleast by me.
  11. deep_blue

    Billawal Bhutto Holds Meetings With US, China and British Ambassadors

    Is this "khusri" our next pm? Aren't we doomed?
  12. deep_blue

    Argentina Rejects American, Russian & Indian Jets Selects JF-17

    Argentina denies it has purchased JF-17 from Pakistan https://www.aerotime.aero/28974-Argentina-denies-it-has-purchased-JF-17-from-Pakistan https://www.airforce-technology.com/news/argentina-refutes-fighter-jet-selection-reports/
  13. deep_blue

    Iraq to buy 12 JF-17 Thunder jets from Pakistan

    We have to induct it in our own fleet first. And then a different version for exports. Or are we fool enough to export the same version that we are going to induct. What if another "operation diamond " happens. Is it okay to export our most dependable jet to every nation?
  14. deep_blue

    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

  15. deep_blue

    JF-17B Updates, News & Discussion

    Boss In a Bravo😍😍 (credit:Ace of PAF)and now lets see who starts a new thread reposting this pic.
  16. deep_blue

    PTI govt decides to hold Senate elections in February: sources

    And what if opposition submits resignstions to speaker ?? I know he has the power to accept or delay any resignation like what Ayyaz Sadiq did but will it delay the senate elections? I mean do we have to wait for byelection results for Senate elections then?
  17. deep_blue

    Lahore Jalsa Updates

    He spoke against urdu when he was in karachi. He spoke against people of Lahore in Lahore. He is the one who lives in Pakistan but hates Pakistan. He is following his own agenda and PDM thinks he stands with democracy. A friend here mentioned "awakening for civillian supremacy " but what we...
  18. deep_blue

    Lahore Jalsa Updates

  19. deep_blue

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    JF17 for NAF (Copied from Ace of PAF fb)

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