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  1. smartindian

    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions

    [Well for the scenario that you have just put, I would rather buy an LCA. Mig-29 and JFT are out of discussion for sure. ] we wont give fighter on soft loan . so your dream will remain a dream
  2. smartindian

    'Billions lost' in India sell-off

    norms where broken, date of application submition was preponed, so complete procedure is illegal, 2 high court bench,1 supreme court bench have termed it as illegal, so it matter of time before complete process is reopened spectrum will be occasion , company who got the spectrum illegally will...
  3. smartindian

    Israel to test Arrow-3 interceptor by mid-2011

    did India invested any money in arrow-3 ( i heard somewhere that india invested 150 million in arrow-3 but not sure)
  4. smartindian

    Questions for Obama, on his visit to Pakistan

    first-o-fall did he made any commitment to talk with pakistani student like he did in India. i wish you ask all this question so that he can understand the mindset properly

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