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  1. Husnainshah

    Af-Pak - Destined For Conflict

    And why do you think Pakistan supports Afghanistan in spite of all those adventures? Matter of fact, far as I can recall, Afghan adventures in this present day Pak date back to Ahmed Shah Abdali; Might even pre-date Abdali but that's as far as I know. Pakistan has always been interested in...
  2. Husnainshah

    Af-Pak - Destined For Conflict

    Well, if you're not even sure what I'm talking about, you've no business on this thread. I could care less what a Pashtun from Islamabad thinks about Pakistan's Afghan Policy. And who is this 'we' you're talking about? When I said Pakistan wants to rule Afghanistan, I meant the Pakistani...
  3. Husnainshah

    Af-Pak - Destined For Conflict

    The biggest problem is Pakistan's desire to essentially rule over Afghanistan. Period.
  4. Husnainshah

    I'm leaving forever, bye

    Why all the drama like a woman, son? Just leave.
  5. Husnainshah

    Prominent American Islamic Scholar Calls ‘Horrific’ Antisemitism Rampant Among Muslims -

    Frankly, I'd rather not even try unless you were talking about fixing ourselves individually. I simply refrain from associating with these kind of poisonous-beings.
  6. Husnainshah

    The week after Trump: loser liberals committing hate crimes

    Not sure about the hate crimes but apparently Liberals aren't too happy about the jobs being saved. Extreme negativity on Carrier deal first and now towards the Ford decision of not moving moving to Mexico. Crony-Capitalism and all sorts of labels are popping up.... Next Trump needs to deliver...
  7. Husnainshah

    US Politics

    Though I personally don't agree with some of Hillary's policies, she'd indeed more qualified to be The President of The U.S in my opinion. It's a shame Trump doesn't have the temperament to be The President of The U.S. He has better immigration, Trade, Foreign Policy with regards to Russia...
  8. Husnainshah

    Pakistan must take Bangladesh head on.

    Don't like Haseena's statements? Well, how about Pakistan stops meddling in Bangladesh's internal affairs to begin with?
  9. Husnainshah

    Pakistan is a Defeated Force - Bangladesh PM Haseena

    Denial has become an epidemic in Pakistan. I mean, you've MQM doesn't represent the people of Karachi, PML-N doesn't represent the people of Pakistan and now even foreign governments don't represent their people! What's next? Might as well say Obama doesn't represent the people of The U.S...
  10. Husnainshah

    Uri Attack: Bangladesh Stands With India, Says Envoy

    It's almost unbelievable how Pakistan is isolated not only regionally but also internationally. Pakistan seriously needs to revisit it's Foreign Policy immediately. The army should refrain from any kind of interference in Foreign Policy. They've time and again proved to extremely incompetent...
  11. Husnainshah

    PM under pressure on COAS extension issue

    It's interesting to see a laymen approach towards a very complicated social and political issue by a 'Senior Moderator'. Making politicians answerable isn't changing anything in a society where corruption, honor killing, abuse of power, dishonesty, bigotry, hypocrisy, oppression, extremism...
  12. Husnainshah

    International probe into Kashmir killings imperative now: UN rights chief

    lol at members getting their hopes up on a mere statement from UN.
  13. Husnainshah

    15-year-old boy arrested by French police for planning 'imminent' Paris attack

    I say keeping deporting them a few dozen a day.
  14. Husnainshah

    Should Pakistan just repatriate Kashmiri Muslims?

    Pakistan should just abandon this Kashmir issue altogether before it loses Balochistan and/or Karachi like East Pakistan. Let the world worry about Kashmir. Pakistan is too weak, both Diplomatically and Militarily to do Kashmir any good anyway.
  15. Husnainshah

    PTI calls for stern action against Faisal Vawda

    It was madness. Had to take the Korangi route. Was a complete mess. Serious actions should be taken against these Agents of Chaos(As The Joker would say).
  16. Husnainshah

    Tajikistan: No Hajj, No Hijab, and Shave Your Beard

    This is a laymen approach towards a very complicated issue. Saudi has spent billions of dollars and decades promoting a venomous version of Islam which has corrupted 1 to 2 generations. Dealing with this cancer isn't as easy as banning a few practices. It's naive at best. Build a strong...
  17. Husnainshah

    Dutch far-right party says it will ban Mosques, Quran

    See that's where I disagree with the likes of Trump. Banning Islam is a simplistic approach to a complicated problem. It's like chopping off hands for theft. Matter of fact, banning Islam is counterproductive. The key word here is practicing Muslims. Say what ever you want about Islam or...
  18. Husnainshah

    Top 5 Countries to Live In - Which would you prefer?

    U.S U.K Canada France Italy/Spain
  19. Husnainshah

    Japan Economy Forum

    @ Nihonjin1051 Hi there! I'm planning to invest in Japan early next year. I need a little help. Could ya hit me up at shaw_zedong@hotmail.com
  20. Husnainshah

    How Would Trump's Plan to Bar Muslims Hurt Pakistanis?

    Personally I agree with Trump. There's some serious problems among Muslims of a certain sect with regards to Muslims of different sect, Non-Muslims and especially The West. But there's plenty Muslims who don't wish death on West. The later's in huge numbers if ya ask me. Now the task for U.S is...

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