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  1. Turcici Imperium

    Lavrov: Suez blockage highlighted importance of Iran corridor

    That red arrow towards europe will actually pass through Nakhchivan and then Iğdır city of Turkey, it will connect already existing Kars-Marmaray (Istanbul)-Europe line. https://www.emlaknews.com.tr/haberler/kars-igdir-demiryolu-azerbaycana-acilan-kapi-olacak/ Iran's railway system is already...
  2. Turcici Imperium

    Biden wants Pakistan to "do more" in Afghanistan

    There is sadly no such thing as Afghanistan. It really doesnt matter even if whole UN members claim that there is such an entity, if it de-facto doesnt exist. You would go to Kabul and would make agreements with people in suit there; those agreements have no value if they wont be executed and...
  3. Turcici Imperium

    Biden wants Pakistan to "do more" in Afghanistan

    During syrian civil war, there were hundreds of small armed groups with conflicted interests, but few main alliances; pkk, isis, al nusra, hts, southern front fsa, coastal front fsa, hezbollah. Each of them were hating Turkey, becauae they already got masters, from US to Saudis, from UAE to...
  4. Turcici Imperium

    Biden wants Pakistan to "do more" in Afghanistan

    What would pakistani friends think about the idea of a pak-army buffer zone deep into afghanistan, would that serve the security interests of pakistan?
  5. Turcici Imperium

    All US troops to leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021

    If this really happens, thasts just fantastic. US terror scum should gtfo of middle east, faster is better.
  6. Turcici Imperium

    Turkish Missile Programs

    Appereantly Bozdoğan missile conducted its first air to air fire test with great success. Next we will hopefully see Gökdoğan
  7. Turcici Imperium

    Indian wanna be hacker desprately wants Turkey to counter China - Turkish Kardash Report in

    Big politicial parties have always foreign backers, this is true for any country. Turkey is not an exception. Current opposition parties in Turkey are either puppets of US, or Germany/France/UK. AKP used to be a US puppet too in past but thats another story. China should get used to see Turkish...
  8. Turcici Imperium

    Cargo transportation via Baku-Tbilis-Kars increased %104

    i hope there will be pak-afg-turkmen railway that would be connected to btk railway in future https://www.azernews.az/business/177919.html
  9. Turcici Imperium

    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Tb3 with folded wings can be seen top-right
  10. Turcici Imperium

    Turkey summons Chinese ambassador over response to Uighur claims

    its actually a fake news. Mayor of Ankara didnt cut anyones water (and cant), water and other municipality issues are under the authority of municipality. Head of municipality is not mayor of Ankara. Mayors are appointed by President, heads of municipalities are elected.
  11. Turcici Imperium

    The Turkic Council, 2040 Vision: Turkic Council eyes forming 'united states of Turkic world'

    There are two seperate routes in central asia: one goes through on kazakstan,other one passes kyrgyz republic-uzbekistan-turkmenistan. Theres also north and south routes, which passes russia in northern route, and iran in southern route (iran route isnt ready yet but would eventually be ready in...
  12. Turcici Imperium

    The Turkic Council, 2040 Vision: Turkic Council eyes forming 'united states of Turkic world'

    Xi declared this project and invited other nations to invest, not because it sounds cool to ear, but because it's a necessity life-line for China. Time will eventually be come, there will eventually be military conflict in and around south china sea, and sea-traffic will be cut off during that...
  13. Turcici Imperium

    Bayraktar TB-3, Navalized armed UAV system will use TEI-PD-180 engines

    I don't think that's tb3. It looks pretty same as tb2 (with 3 propellers)
  14. Turcici Imperium

    Turkey's $2.3b worth naval export to India

    I don't understand how things came to this prediction. Pakistan is the eastern walls of our civilization, and Turkey is the western walls of our civilization. If one falls, other one may or may not fall, but would definitely face very very hard times, as we saw during Turkish Indepenence War. Of...
  15. Turcici Imperium

    Turkey's $2.3b worth naval export to India

    Total of 5 fleet support vessels will be supplied. Each vessel will be 45.000t. Turkish engineers will be sent to Indian shipyards to build these giant vessels.
  16. Turcici Imperium

    Erdoğan hosts EU Presidents

    EU wishes to increase trade volume between Turkey and EU, also wants to develop the relations in all aspects. https://www.haberturk.com/ab-konseyi-baskani-michel-den-turkiye-ile-iliskiler-mesaji-3030733
  17. Turcici Imperium

    Libyan President El-Menfi hosts Greek PM Mitsotakis in a ridiculing way

    Ex-Libyan Ambassador to Greece, El-Menfi, which has been kicked out of Greece by Greek PM Mitsotakis due to he did not stand against Turkish-Libyan EEZ agreement; happened to be new President of Libya. He seems like enjoying waching Mitsokatis' new squirmy altitude in front of him during the...
  18. Turcici Imperium

    Turkish Land Vehicle Programs

    Turkey charges Arab states same amount of money for selling it's defense products, as much as one western nation charges other western nation. But that western nation doesn't charge same amount if the customer is an Arab state, they charge x3 - x4 amounts from that Arab state. They see Arabs as...
  19. Turcici Imperium

    Turkish Land Vehicle Programs

    You are confusing me with the ruler of UAE, i am not even UAE citizen. Quick, go to Dubai and scream at the windows of the palace or whatever they have for their ruler, you must show him the big picture that you see before it's too late :D Yes gulf states like to pay few hundreds of millions...

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