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    Sam Harris: Consciousness, Free Will, Psychedelics, AI, UFOs, and Meaning | Lex Fridman

    I don't realise people watched the likes of Sam Harris pasta adolescence.
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    Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict 2v

    Are we once again seeing a new form of warfare developing? Airstrikes have always been highly effective against ground based forces without anti air capabilities. However, the Israelis haven't been able to stop the resistance from firing rockets. I think the tunnels must be too deep for the...
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    Troll Fest:Bharatis are Sad that Netanyahu Didn't Include Indian Flag in his Tweet

    This is hilarious. But seriously why has Israel given India a slap? Is Indian support that insignificant/worthless that even Uruguay gets a mention ahead of them.
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    Featured Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict

    It has been surprising how weak Israel is. The only thing they have militarily is their air force. The mighty iron Dome turned out to be a wet fart.
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    UK unemployment figures for different minorities (Pakistani/Indian/Bengali) pre and post COVID out.

    In table 1, the absolute number of unemployed Pakistanis goes down by 3000 (40k to 37k), but the percentage goes up by 2%?
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    ‘Moeen Ali would have joined ISIS’: Taslima Nasreen

    Anyone that describes themselves as a free thinker is usually the most narrow minded bigot. She is also a coward for deleting the tweet. Can't value free speech that much if a couple of white people disagreeing causes you to delete it. Also interesting how these ex-Muslims/secularists seem to...
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    Chinese Demographic Signals Bode Ill for Future Development

    Population size is still important for consumption - who else is going to use all the products even if automation occurs?
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    Featured Several killed as Modi's Bangladesh visit sparks violent protests

    I think you don't realise your own cognitive biases which are obvious to others from the wording in your post. To help you see, imagine there was University student protest in BD about female rights. Police had cracked down and shot some female protesters dead. You comment: Unfortunate...
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    Saudi Arabia launches a new furious air-strikes on Sanaa and Dhamar

    How have the Saudis ended up in this quagmire? I don't even remember the reason this war began.
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    Which country is the biggest to global peace? By Gallup

    Tbh this just proves that India isn't a central focus of most Pakistanis.
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    China population: concerns grow as number of registered births in 2020 plummet

    Japan was a very poor choice. Their GDP is the same as 1994 and have stagnated since. The absence of new young Japanese entering the workplace has exacerbated the stagnation and I can't ever see them recovering (Western countries import foreign talent to combat this problem). Also as I'm sure...
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    India's Total Fertility Rate finally falls below replacement

    If the is 2.1 but missing high birth rate UP which makes up 20% of the population it is almost certainly above 2.1. Also Lakshadweep is more Muslim than AJK and has a similar TFR whilst Ladakh is half Muslim and also has a low TFR. Therefore I don't understand why it is curious that a Muslim...
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    At least 11 coal miners shot dead in Balochistan's Mach area after being kidnapped

    Sectarian terrorism would be more likely to target religious sites than miners. It seems counterintuitive for them to attack economic/geopolitical targets as they are also more likely to get pushback from the state.
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    In new playground Dubai, Israelis find parties, Jewish rites

    Incorrect. If you check the list of most bloody conflicts, top 10 are all Chinese with the exception of ww1 and 2.
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    The UK has left the European Union

    You have brought up working class kids? Does this mean you are a teacher? - kids are more okay with non-whites/muslims especially if they have grown up around them. They also don't see you as a foreigner if you're born here/speak with a British accent. When I used to work part time at a...
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    The UK has left the European Union

    There can be many upsides to Brexit including lower food costs (read up on why Charles De Gaulle said Britain would never join the common market). The reason the EU had high standards was because it couldn't compete with cheaper produce from elsewhere. This deal that is being presented as a win...
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    When you forget to switch accounts..Indian posing as baloch

    Unfortunately this is the new reality. India is also strong in this area simply due to the sheer size of its population.

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