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  1. smstahir

    Iranian Version of RQ-170 Drone Makes Maiden Flight

    An undated picture received December 8, 2011 shows a member of Iran's revolutionary guard pointing at the U.S. RQ-170 unmanned spy plane as he speaks with Amirali Hajizadeh (R), a revolutionary guard commander, at an unknown location in Iran. PHOTO: REUTERS TEHRAN: Iran said Monday that a copy...
  2. smstahir

    The Islamic State movement and Pakistan

    The emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) movement, or the Daaish movement, took Iraq and the rest of the world by surprise. This organisation represents an extreme and hardline political expression of Islamic traditions. Its leader, Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi, is not a new person in...
  3. smstahir

    Google Offers Physical USB Security Key

    The tech giant has finally announced a physical USB Security Key for two-factor authentication. The key is expected to ensure that users keep their accounts safe from intruders, but it has its own limitations. Users can buy a compatible USB from a third-party supplier and add the Security Key...
  4. smstahir

    An Eye Phone to Fight Blindness

    Did you know that 285 million people suffer from blindness or poor eyesight? More shocking: Many times, all they need is a pair of glasses or simple cataract surgery. The problem is that 90 percent of those affected live in developing countries that have only a handful of ophthalmologists, who...
  5. smstahir

    Women Trafficking from Pakistan: Enslaved by Dubai Sex Trade

    Zunera once dreamed of becoming a computer engineer. Instead, aged 16, the bright-eyed Pakistani girl was tricked into prostitution in the U.A.E., beginning a four-year nightmare of cruelty, violence and rape. Pakistan has long been an important source of cheap labor for the Gulf state...
  6. smstahir

    Bill Gates Foundation Announces Implantable Remote-Controlled Contraceptive Microchip That Can Last

    Bill Gates, one of the world’s most notable (or notorious) billionaires is at it again, announcing a remote controlled implantable birth control chip that could last up to 16 years. The idea sprouted after a visit Bill made to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) two years prior...
  7. smstahir

    Iranian Hackers Attacked People via Fake Facebook Accounts

    Iranian hackers appeared to be involved in a 3-year hacker campaign using Facebook network and a fake news website for spying on military and political leaders of the US, Israel and other countries. Security experts who uncovered the operation said the spooks’ targets were a four-star US Navy...
  8. smstahir

    Brutal Molvi hit lock discarded child's eye

    روہڑی : روہڑی میں مسجد سے پانی بھرنے پر جلاد صفت مولوی کو جلال آگیا، جس پر سفاک مولوی نے کمسن بچی کو تالہ دے مارا، جس سے آٹھ سال کی ننھی کلی کی ایک آنکھ ہمیشہ کیلئے ضائع ہوگئی۔ روہڑی میں سفاک مولوی کی سفاکی پر ہر ایک کی روح کانپ گئی، روہڑی میں واقع مسجد سے پیاسی بچی نے پانی کیا بھرا، جلاد مولوی...
  9. smstahir

    Google Received 100 Million Take-down Requests in 2014

    It is only May 2014, but Google has already been asked to remove a record-breaking 100 million “pirate” search results this year. The rate escalates rapidly, representing a significant increase compared to 2013, with the end of the takedown surge being nowhere in sight. The rights owners...
  10. smstahir

    Google Blocked Demonoid over Malware Content

    Google started warning its users of the possibility that by visiting a popular file-sharing portal Demonoid they could “catch” malware, which is downloaded and installed on their machines. People, searching for Demonoid (which finally relaunched recently after years offline), will see a warning...
  11. smstahir

    Allegation history against ISI which later proved wrong after investigation.

    Allegation history against ISI which later proved wrong after investigation.
  12. smstahir

    Muqadas Rape

    فوٹو -- امر سندھو وہ بدنصیب نہ دلّی کی ابھاگن ‘امانت’ تھی نہ کسی نے اسے ‘دامنی’ کہا، نہ مقامی سول سوسائٹی اور نہ یہاں فلمی دنیا کے کسی امیتابھ بچن نے اس کے لیئے تڑپتے دل سے کوئی ایسی روح چھو دینے والی نظم لکھی؛ وقت گزرنے کے ساتھ، شمع کی لو ٹھنڈی ہو کر بجھ جائے گی عقیدت سے نچھاور کیے پھول...
  13. smstahir

    Facebook Planning to Launch e-Money Transfer Service

    It seems that the social network is ready to launch a money transfer service in Europe which would allow Facebook to compete with the likes of Western Union, while providing users the option to store money with Facebook or buy items online. Facebook is currently seeking regulatory approval in...
  14. smstahir

    Remembering another brave soul

    Malik Mohammad Saad Shaheed. (May 19, 1959 – January 27, 2007) For those who don't know. Additional Inspector General of Police Malik Muhammad Saad Khan Shaheed was two-star rank senior police officer, engineer, and former Chief Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) of Peshawar. He was in charge...
  15. smstahir

    Letter to LEJ by a Young Kafir

    Letter to LEJ by a Young Kafir Assalam-0-alaikum and good morning MUSALMAN. It’s me. Do you recognize me? My name is Kafar. I hope by now you do know who I am. It’s been a while that i wanted to write to you and share with you what I am feeling right now, and probably give you some advise as...
  16. smstahir

    Pakistan may launch military operation against terror groups

    ISLAMABAD: The government has decided in principle to launch a military operation against groups attacking the nation and killing thousands of citizens for many, long years, Express News reported on Thursday. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chairing the meeting with COAS General Raheel Sharif and...
  17. smstahir

    The Cold awe of January-Chapter 2014

    The Cold awe of January-Chapter 2014 How would you feel if you are standing right beside 30 dead bodies? How would you feel when you see mother’s crying for their young ones. How would you feel when you see small children crying for their fathers and waiting for them to come back from Ziyarat...
  18. smstahir

    Windows 9 Will Be Here April 2015 Says Microsoft

    The rumours are in: Microsoft is planning to unveil Windows 9 around April 2015 but will announce the release at its Build 2014 developer conference. This will be part of the company’s Threshold plans, says Paul Thurrott, all part of the many updates expected from Microsoft. Although we don’t...
  19. smstahir

    BBC Server Hacked by Russian

    A Russian hacker breached a computer server at the BBC before Christmas to sell access to other hackers. The BBC’s security team admitted that it managed to secure the website only on the 28th of December, after it had been broken into via a server used to upload large files. The intruder is...

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