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    Why isn't Henry Kissinger dying ?

    Good people die early and Evil people live long lives
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    Simorgh rises from Antonov's ashes

    Did they reverse engineer TV3-117 engine?
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    Hypothetical - Ancient Rome vs Han China

    Europecentrist historians from Europe estimate that Roman Empire had a population of around 60mln people and now Americans say that population of the Roman Empire could have been as high as 100mln people and of course all these estimates don't make any sense. We can make an estimation of the...
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    Your favourite Russian leader in history

    I can answer for all Europeans and Americans that they love Gorbachev very much, even name Vodkas after him.
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    Iran's drones vs missiles vs aircrafts

    So if Western tanks are so good and Trophy is so effective, than what prevents you from invading Southern Lebanon and finishing off Hezbollah once and for all time for the purpose of security of the northern borders of your small country? What prevents you from taking out Hezbollah under...
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    Iran's drones vs missiles vs aircrafts

    APS might sound like an effective system in theory, but it was never tested in real war and it is very expensive with additional 1mln$ for Israeli Trophy system or South Korean KAPS.... When Israel said they will invade Lebanon with Merkavas equipped with Trophy APS, Hezbollah said they will...
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    Iran's drones vs missiles vs aircrafts

    The problem is that Shahed-136 is not Qassam rocket of Hamas with its high infrared signature and predictable flight path. Shahed-136 has low infrared signature, low radar signature, flies low, is small and difficult to intercept..... You will need more advanced and more expensive missiles to...
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    Why China Is Not a Superpower

    China might be a massive regional power at this moment, but they will certainly become a global superpower by 2035 and they will be superior to USA in many aspects. 1) Today, China is the biggest economy in the world if calculated by GDP PPP and they will certainly surpass US in nominal GDP by...
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    Why are superpowers so massive? Is this a size requirement? And is Pakistan too small to aspire to this goal? or any muslim nation for that matter.

    John Mearsheimer is one of the most influential political scientist who belongs to realist school of thought. Some points from the book by John Mearsheimer "Tragedy of Great Power Politics" 1) Great power is a country that has a military that can at least exhaust the strongest state in the...
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    Iran's drones vs missiles vs aircrafts

    Regarding defense-offence package You can defend you skies cheaper with air defense systems like Ukraine does and by targeting enemy air bases with those 100.000 drones-----and with that many drones you can devastate your enemy more effectively than with 43 Su-35 which might not even penetrate...
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    Iran's drones vs missiles vs aircrafts

    We can make a similar comparison with tanks and helicopters. Russia was the 2nd most powerful military in the world with a military budget of 65bln$ and Ukraine was a third world military with a budget of 5bln$ Russia had 3000 tanks and 3000 IFVs and APCs, while Ukraine was supplied with tens...
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    Iran's drones vs missiles vs aircrafts

    I want to compare Iranian drones (Arash-2/Shahed-136) with Iranian ballistic missiles and combat aircrafts. One Shahed-136 (50kg warhead) costs 20.000$ and one Arash-2 (150kg warhead) probably costs 70.000$ 30.000 Arash-2 drones * 70.000$ + 70.000 Shahed 136 drones * 20.000$ ==3,5 bln dollars...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    The tunnels of this base look too narrow for Su-35 or Su-57, but they can be fine for Su-75 Checkmate (price: 30mln$ per unit) or J-31 (price: 70mln$ per unit)
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    On 8th of February---Air Force Day
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    Taliban bans university education for Afghan girls

    There is a theory that educated women have less kids, due them being busy building their careers, while uneducated women have lots of kids. If Afghan women will be sitting at home and having kids, Afghanistan's population will explode in time when the rest of the world will experience...
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    Pakistan projected to be among largest economies in the world by 2075: Goldman Sachs

    "Developing countries have the potential to grow at a faster rate than developed countries because diminishing returns (in particular, to capital) are not as strong as in capital-rich countries. Furthermore, poorer countries can replicate the production methods, technologies, and institutions of...
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    Hypothetical - Ancient Rome vs Han China

    Claims that Roman Empire's population was 60mln people is a claim by biased Europocentrist historians from Europe.....European estimates of Roman Empire's population range between 30mln and 60mln people with 30mln being closer to reality. From military point of view Romans were no match even...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Here you can see what Iran's defense industry was in 2014 and what it has become in 2022 Iran's military industry 2014 (All in One) and Iran's defense industry 2022 (All in One) now let's imagine what it will be in 2030 and beyond....
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    Tucker Carlson: Anger after Fox News host says British civilised India

    Well, India and China were actually richer than England even in 1800s This is per capita income data by economic historian Paul Bairoch Also note that India's per capita income in 1947 was 8% lower than in 1757
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    Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suffered cardiac arrest after being shot in the chest during a speech, and the suspect was arrested

    It is amazing how vulnerable World Leaders can be. For example in Berlin there is an annual "Day Of The Open Doors in the Chancellery" (Tag der offenen Tur in Kanzleramt) when any visitor can come to German Chancellery and personally meet German Chancellor. I have been there twice and met with...

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