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    Opinion: Pakistani Influence in the Muslim World, Zionism and Freedom of Expression

    Pakistan is an Islamic State that has always been a leader when it comes to leading the Muslims. Though that image is mostly based on being the First Muslim Country to go ahead and do so. Pakistan needs to go ahead and give its people and the world the image that we are a modern, moderate...
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    France recalls Ambassadors from USA and Australia over Submarine Deal !!!

    My friend, I truly enjoy your opinion, and I do like the poster above, it is indeed something Erdogan might see in his dreams and might be able to pull off a bit in Africa, but regardless. You are from Greece, putting all differences aside, speaking just as Humans, let's be fair to ourselves...
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    France recalls Ambassadors from USA and Australia over Submarine Deal !!!

    The Americans lash out, they do mister, but France is on a brand new level as you know how many colonial holdings of france are there in the world, a large chunk of Brazil is France. So many french Islands. Mister, French President does not care for his people, you can see his clips lashing out...
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    France recalls Ambassadors from USA and Australia over Submarine Deal !!!

    Let us analyze this situation with the current politics in France. Prime Minister: Macron (Nepolean Wanna Be) [Got Votes By Center is now Right Wing] First Lady of France: His literal teacher (thats some shit from Br*zz**s Known in the entire country to be hypocrite, when Hebdo says something...
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    Turkish Missile Programs

    Hats off to the People who worked hard to get it. Good Job Turks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Turkey’s new 8x8 armored vehicle nearly ready for missions BY DAILY SABAH

    Yup, saw that being revelead on TRT's coverage of IDF 2021 a few months back. It's an awesome vehicle for sure, it is much better than the Humvee as even the US is trying to replace it due to the lack of its armor, one due thing to note in this regard is the speed, and armor, and also take in to...
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    US Chinooks over Karachi Today

    These Idiots who allowed them in our airspace must be taught about a topic in Warfare 101 known as Recon. Since, the are coming from AF they are going to have some high-end recon gear we do not even know of until the next decade, ground them asap. Or risk leaking critical vulnerabilities.
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    Indian video about Greek Rafales,involves Pakistan again...

    We must have a counter Indian botnet army targeting and finding such posts in order wipe them off the internet. If you do not believe me the amount of damage Indian Media is doing through propaganda against Pakistan, you can connect to a vpn i.e. let's say as US VPN, and search JF-17 or Pakistan...
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    UK defence secretary suggests US is no longer a superpower

    It was not the fear of communism nor it was the fear of USSR, it was Stalin. Whose Brutality is as we all know quite well, is something the Japanese took into consideration. Also, they knew in the new world they had to take sides in order to quickly avoid the german fate.
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    Muhammad Ali Jinnah - The Great Leader

    Amazing stuff one can find about Jinnah and the history behind the struggle of our Independence, one more awesome example of this is that did you know that the National Treasury of the new born Turkish Nation was formed by Mustafa Kemal by the funds collected by Khilafat Movement. This is a fact...
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    Pakistani Roads, Motorways and Highways

    @ghazi52 First of all, well done you are putting a lot of effort over here, you should have a domain of your own ghazi52.tv or something like, that good job documenting all of this, so that when we return back to this thread for nostalgic vibes after CPEC is completed to see how much...
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    Pakistan Water and Power Updates.

    Awesome. More Electricity means for at least the next month there will be less outages, even though they are rare nowadays as well unlike my childhood that I spent in the 1800's.
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    Empire of Satan, How modi is building his empire

    Quite Honestly as everyone with a pinch of sense can clearly see that what Modi, is trying to do, he is trying to go ahead and radicalize India for his own advantage, if he succeeds in that, than Jinnah has won yet another Victory, because as Jinnah said "Hindus will not allow Muslims to live in...
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    Purpose of S-400 and Rafale is to hit Pakistani aircraft inside Pakistani air space

    Quite honestly, there is no other explanation to it, her mother probably dropped him from very high above, and hence named him BS. Anyways, I like the fact that they try to day dream.
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    How To Protect Yourself From Nuclear Radiation

    He is saying that, if a Nuclear Bomb falls on India, how you can protect yourself from radiation. He says that by putting half a kilo of cow poop on your body you can prevent radiation sickness, and claims that this research is from NASA, and asks to Google it. Other more, sensible people there...
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    India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

    yes, you did yet you are hypocrites that say we are not involved in AF, and trying to sabotage Pakistan,
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    COAS meets MI6 chief in Rawalpindi

    Exactly, after the deposition of Sultan Abdul Hamid Han II in 1909, and the circumstances surrounding it everyone in the higher ranks was in one way or another effectively being manipulated by the powerful men responsible for WW1, not only the England, France, Germany, Russia but the Ottoman's...
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    India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

    Meanwhile, Indians Built the Bloody Afghan Parliament. The World they are clearly not involved in the politics.
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    Featured Anatolian Eagle 2021 - JF-17 To Pitch Against Rafale and Vipers

    I mean we would take into consideration that Arab Qataris are a good reference to the IAF (Indian Air Force) as you can see their lack of communication and hierarchy problems and inefficient systems, as seen in 27 Feb 2019 Incident, whereby Pakistan without any hassle was able to take down two...

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