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  1. Mubashar.

    Additional Arms

    i understand that specialist units i.e SSG stuff. but i am talking a dedicated sniper unit like a two man team kind of thing. a unit only concentrating on snipering issues. as for weapons i would'nt exactly jump for american weapons straight away because europeans also make some decent...
  2. Mubashar.

    Additional Arms

    I think we need to induct a new units in the Pakistani Armed Forces. That unit should be a sniper unit. and a para borne unit which i dont think we really have. In todays armed forces snipers are a must have, they can surely turn a war around for you with their skills. Para units to have...
  3. Mubashar.

    Graphics card?

    Sorry Here Is A Review On The Graphics Card. Card Review.
  4. Mubashar.

    Graphics card?

    actually i was flicking through a Pc Gaming mag and came across this beauty. it is a diffrent from the one i posted above. My Webpage this according in the magazine was a "decently prized graphics card" i have placed an order for it. but hopefully i will receive it soon. :bat: ( sorry it looked...
  5. Mubashar.

    TOP games of 2005

    Far Cry Instincts.
  6. Mubashar.

    Graphics card?

    i am planing to buy this baby. :crazy2: http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=96732
  7. Mubashar.

    Pakistan to get 115 SP artillerys

    115 units of these artillary comibines heavy punch. The reason they will be usefull is because they can be easilly dispatched to along side a unit & supply that firepower needd to take out important positions held by the enemy. seeing that they were very effective with US & UK forces in Iraq...
  8. Mubashar.

    Graphics card?

    i am trying to make a switch from Geforce 6110 To another card but there are so many to choose from. i was told by my friend to make a switch from 128mb to a 256mb rather than going to Ati. i am confused.

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