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    Reason why remittance not coming in pakistan as before.

    Our generals/judges/politicians all want to live abroad and invest abroad when they retire. All of their money is stored in some banks in Switzerland or Dubai or any other safe haven but they want overseas Pakistani (who themselves have taken the right to vote)to invest in Pakistan. Why? Why...
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    Gandhi was a British Agent and brought from SA by British to sabotage India's Freedom struggle.

    Not only against British ,Jinnah and Gandhi both wanted peace among both nations.
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    “It’s A Suicide Mission, SAAR!”: Indian Air Force Squadron Disbanded Due to Refusal By Pilots To Get Airborne

    If we try to understand IAF pilot logic it is quite sane. Why send Mig 21 which are known as flying coffins to an active hot zone when you have other assets? Why weren't other jets or squadrons posted thereafter IAF demolished trees and killed a crow in Balakot? Pilots knew their jet...
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    Daily Mail apologises to PM Shehbaz over 'false accusations'

    no doubt, the upper portion is available for rent. Don't know who will rent it out? But don't lose hope you will find some use.
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    Daily Mail apologises to PM Shehbaz over 'false accusations'

    According to OP, the Sharif family is the most pious and honest family. They have never done anything wrong and they are always targeted by Anti Pakistani elements. When a person cannot distinguish between right and wrong then one can know what kind of a person he is. I am pretty sure he is...
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    Salman Shahbaz decides to return, files protective bail petition

    One by one they will come back and our courts will grant them bail. Nothing can be done to these mafia leaders that is for sure. Our Establishment has really screwed us this time. If only there was a single institution that was working for the People of Pakistan instead of these goons. First, it...
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    Are we unofficially default

    Exactly, but there is another side as well. This corrupt system has programmed the majority of the people whose sole purpose of life is to make both ends meet. I am not saying its a bad thing but they have made such a system that people can't act on things like these. I mean if officials from...
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    Are we unofficially default

    dont mind me saying but i think we are already screwed. But my point was these scums will get out of Pakistan once its completely screwed and we will be left to clean it up. dont mind me saying but i think we are already screwed. But my point was these scums will get out of Pakistan once its...
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    Are we unofficially default

    Many of my brothers on this forum are upset and wish that Pakistan goes bankrupt or defaults. Just remember that we ordinary people will have to bear these financial hardships, these elite or so-called leaders and their entire families along with their pets will fly first class to another...
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    Are we unofficially default

    Well, it was bound to happen and there is no one alone for this debacle. This happens when you let your economy be run by a couple of industrialists and absconders. Who is to be blamed here our Military Establishment, Our prestigious judiciary, Our Bureaucracy, Our media or our own Mullahs (Who...
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    Z-10 ME/P deliveries to begin from 2023

    How many of these helis are Pakistan going to purchase?
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    Lt Gen Asim Munir selected as new army chief

    Sir, There is not a single Pakistani here who doesn't love Pak Army. We all love it for the same reason as you. It protected us against all the enemies. We also have the right to criticize them for their blunders. I dont know about the others but i always thought them to be better then these...
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    Lt Gen Asim Munir selected as new army chief

    Supreme court will never intertwine. Courts only come into actions when some corrupt is in danger.Mark my words
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    Farewell Visits Started: General Bajwa retiring on time in 2 weeks

    I dont know , the mess he made i dont think its going to be that simple. Might be looking for extension for few more months.
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    PML-N's Pervaiz Rasheed Video Leaked | Capital TV

    This current influx of leaked videos on the internet shows one thing this entire system is running on blackmailing. No one is safe. This entire business of leaked pornographic videos is run by two political parties one based in Jatti Umra and the other based in Abparra (If u get the gist of it)...
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    COAS Bajwas - Great Achievements- End of an Era

    A perfect definition of a tout, incompetent, troublemaker, traitorous, Mir Jaffir and Mir Sadiq and the worst possible human being there is. A man who will be remembered who single handedly destroyed not just the economy but also tarnished not just the image of but army as an institution. The...
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    Army Deploys APC in Lahore

    That's how it all started back in 71. When Army tried to go against the ppl , ppl retaliated, and how we lost half our country before. Bhutto was made the hero and then executed. Why is it illegal to protest in Cantonment? Is it some holy place? It houses these generals and brigadiers who are...
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    PTI Haqeeqi Azadi March Oct 2022 - News and Updates

    Its happening again. We all know who did this and they are gonna let go by this idiotic and repressive system and courts. Bajwa and Co doing what they are good at, destroying Pakistan
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    Dumber 1 to now launch Shuja Pasha against Imran

    I seriously doubt if Gen Pasha goes with this PC. After all the big guns failed to do anything. If Army really wants to keep its little remaining image from being tarnished then it would cut its losses and step aside. It is clear these PC aren't denting anything let alone bring down IK. Army and...
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    PTI Haqeeqi Azadi March Oct 2022 - News and Updates

    Exactly have u listened to Any of Nawaz and Zardari's speeches/interviews? If not try YouTube you will be satisfied.

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