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  1. Ahmad Bhutta

    Afghan #PTM activist Dr Fauzia Rauf asking afghan girls to convert to hinduism (ghar wapsi) and marry hindu boys and settle in India

    When a few Pakistani Hindu fam moved to India , they were forced to live on houses built on sewage . They returned back Reminds me of crusaders when they conquered jerusalem they murdered everyone inside Jerusalem including the christians because of distrust
  2. Ahmad Bhutta

    12 U.S soldiers killed in Kabul explosion, numerous civilian deaths, Taliban fighters also killed. ISIS K attack.

    UPDATE: Pentagon on #Kabul explosions • 12 US service members killed • 15 wounded • US evacuated nearly 5000 Americans, nearly 1000 remain in Afghanistan • Total evacuated: 104,000 • "ISIS will not deter us from executing mission": Gen. McKenzie
  3. Ahmad Bhutta

    NDS controls land between foreign forces and Taliban at Kabul Airport

    Dont worry talibans will make minced meat of these NDS men and feed it to indians
  4. Ahmad Bhutta

    The world's most advanced and effective short range surface to air missile defense system HQ-17AE

    Harder ? 20 soldiers jumped into river to save their asses only to die of cold water
  5. Ahmad Bhutta

    5 Chinese cities with individual GDP bigger than Vietnam, a video hotly discussed on Vietnamese social media

    How did individuals in china grow so rich and successful ? I hope to follow their example , my business is hit hard by covid I have to start something new from scratch now :/
  6. Ahmad Bhutta

    BREAKING! Kandahar has been captured!

    Oh no, where will India shoot it's next afghan jalaebi song :/
  7. Ahmad Bhutta

    Afghan govt wants IAF support to crush Taliban as fighting worsens across the country

    It's just a matter of time these afghan puppet gov will be taking asylum all over the world
  8. Ahmad Bhutta

    Inside Fawad Khan's family vacation in Skardu: See Photos

    Hahaha we also believe in evil eye or bad nazar but I wonder why hollywood and Bollywood celebrities don't get evil eye they keep positing after every second and they keep getting richer and successful
  9. Ahmad Bhutta

    The US Is a Failed COVID State

    That's a lie mostly wester propaganda , this is from last week only Great News for Many Nations! Sinovac: ~85% effective at preventing COVID hospitalization and deaths. This is awesome! Sinopharm and Covaxin are also inactivated vaccines (likely similar outcomes) Study based on >10,000,000...
  10. Ahmad Bhutta

    The US Is a Failed COVID State

    But natural immunity through covid infection is effective and vaccine still protects against hospitalization and deaths, at this point the world must be around 40-50% already infection from covid infection . Don't think it will last longer anymore
  11. Ahmad Bhutta

    Hindu extremist exposes Hindu men as impotent

    Is he trying to say his indu and Bindu likes to shagg Muslims only ?
  12. Ahmad Bhutta

    India again kept out of extended troika meet on Afghanistan called by Russia

    Indians are searching for Ahmad shah abdali in Afghanistan
  13. Ahmad Bhutta

    Taliban forces enter Kandahar, the second largest city in Afghanistan

    What parts of Afghanistan has indian terrorist training camps , I heard one was paktia
  14. Ahmad Bhutta

    US governor pledges to address Bangladesh's vaccine needs and will support commercial supply and coproduction of Pfizer vaccine in Bangladesh

    By that time Bengalis would have herd immunity through natural infection . Delta spreads so fast within months it will have infection 70% of people
  15. Ahmad Bhutta

    China approaches herd immunity with 50% of population vaccinated

    Are they going to lift all the restrictions after reaching 72%?

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