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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    The bottom line is that the IRGC, with its superior technology, is concentrating its resources on a small number of missiles and UAVs and has no intention of expanding its reach. When Artesh builds a variety of fighters, the IRGC builds nothing. When Artesh builds a large variety of UAVs, the...
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    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    Iran's domestic price system is severely distorted due to the U.S. blockade, which has caused the exchange rate to plummet. This makes it very difficult to compare prices of goods with foreign prices. When the real exchange rate against the dollar falls, suppliers immediately raise the prices of...
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    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    Eighty cluster warheads are evenly dispersed against an Aegis ship somewhere within a 10 km x 10 km area. The number of missiles required to hit one of those warheads would be 370. Even the United States would not be able to withstand such a waste!
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    Iran to unveil hypersonic missile in near future

    Iran and North Korea certainly have a tendency to release similar rockets/missiles at similar times. However, there are clear differences in the details, and North Korea's rockets/missiles have always been very similar to the Chinese and Russian originals. For example, the domestically produced...
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    Iran unveiled Khaybar (forth generation khorramshahr) ballistic missile

    Rigorous orbital calculations have been made for the range of khorramshahr4. The maximum velocity of khorramshahr4 is reported to be 5488 m/s by iran media. The maximum velocity of a missile depends on its trajectory. Therefore, assuming that the missile was launched from western Iran to Israel...
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    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    Hmmm, people here probably don't care much about Indonesia in Southeast Asia, which is why they react this way. It is actually well known that Indonesia has been procuring Iranian weapons for some time. When the Iranian-made radar was announced as domestically produced, Indonesians, who want it...
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    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    The Su-35 story that was supposed to be delivered this week has gone away, as expected. This is not surprising, as it has happened many times before. Russia can't stop trying to curry favor with the US no matter how much it is attacked by the West.
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Russia has not delivered the Su-35 for some time, and Biden, pleased with Putin's weak stance, has finally begun to consider supplying F-16s. There are also reports of moves among Eastern European countries to supply their own F-16s. Iran must learn the lesson of what can happen when diplomacy...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Aside from these controversies, an interesting event occurred not long ago. President Raisi's address to the congregation on the eve of the night of martyrdom, an important event for Islam in Iran. In his speech, Raisi made the unusual complaint that some people are only interested in asking...
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    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    Russia is still relying on the SHAED-136 a year and three months after the war began. It seems that Russia is further behind in drone technology than we thought, and they really want more of the other Iranian drones. Still, Iran is not selling other drones because it doubts that Russia is really...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    ロシアはトルコにS-400を売りました、トルコは Russia sold S-400s to Turkey, which in return exported TB-2s to Ukraine, killing Russians. Russia provided South Korea with missile and space rocket technology, and South Korea in return sold artillery shells to Ukraine, killing Russians. Russia has sold various weapons...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Contrary to popular rumor, Putin's ruling party is consistently the most pro-American party in Russia. Currently, criticism of Putin's weakness is swirling in Russia. Look at the current behavior of Medvedev, who once tried and failed to take a pro-American line. I continue to doubt that Russia...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    At last the EU even supplied the Kiev government with stealth cruise missiles with a range of 600 km to be used against Russia. Yet, Russia will not sell any decent equipment to Iran or Syria. Russia is a country that has always been such a weak-kneed diplomat, don't get your hopes up.
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Shafaq was developed jointly with Russia, but Russia withdrew from the project because of fear of the U.S., so it was impossible to continue. Russia still continues to play favorites with the US and refuses to sell Iran any decent equipment. I still doubt that Russia will change its mind and...
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    Iranian military engine development news and updates

    Although the CFM56 is 50 years old, there are only a few countries that can independently manufacture large jet engines for passenger aircraft. Only three countries, the U.S., Russia, and China, have independently developed such engines, and most of them are jointly developed by multiple...
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    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    In light of the various statistics, it is clear that the economy has deteriorated sharply since the first nuclear negotiations under the Rouhani administration. Under the Raisi administration, growth has resumed, albeit slowly. Not a single country has made concessions to the U.S. and had...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    I fully agree that the cost of ballistic missiles is too high. And what Iran needs more than anything else is UAV. The recent bombing of Sevastopol, Russia was reportedly done by a Chinese-made civilian UAV, the mugin-5. The mugin-5 is said to have a carbon fiber body, can carry 20 kg of bombs...
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    Iran amongst Top 5 countries in 6 critical technologies surpassing Japan, Canada, France and Russia

    This ranking seems to be based on the number of research papers in the TOP 10% of citations and the h-index by examining research papers in each country. For this reason, it is not unnatural that Iran, which has a large number of papers in the field of nanotechnology, comes relatively high in...
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    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    The Persian Gulf is shallow and clear, making it difficult for submarines to operate. Therefore, it is thought that Iran does not place much importance on submarines, The United States can bomb the Middle East unilaterally from safe zones, as numerous U.S. military bases have been built in the...
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    Iranian Economy.....news and discussions

    These figures are debatable. The Iranian Statistical Center has stopped officially publishing birth rates and births for several years now, for reasons that have not been made clear. Only the Tehran Times reports figures from an unknown source. The reliability of these figures is questionable...

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