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  1. laiqs@mi


    :) bilkul a1 han bilkul dost patchup howa. main apni ghaltian in dinon main theak kar chuka hon bohot had tak. kun k bachon k mustaqbil k liye bohot kuch karna hai mujhy in sha ALLAH. aur ab rat ko defence.pk ke bajay bachy.pk hotey hain
  2. laiqs@mi

    Quetta police arrest children used for bomb blasts

    in Quetta near by my house. there were 2 boys who were then murdered. they were also under or near 18 . they were workin for BLA and get paid 15 to 20 thousend per target killing. after they were killed now that area is peace full. and no murders or killing happened after them.
  3. laiqs@mi


    a month or so ago in naswar corner that happened i posted a pic of Imran khan just for laugh. @Aeronaut delted that dont post political pics and deleted mine one . and after few post he posted pics of some other political leader.
  4. laiqs@mi


    @KingMamba93 i know its hypocrasy (double standars) here. he may not warn you he warned me so thats why i said. dont get it personal dear.
  5. laiqs@mi


    hi kingmamba93 :rolleyes: plz dont comment about political or defence related thing @Hyperion will warn you for this.
  6. laiqs@mi

    Srinagar: Fidayeen Return to the heart of Kashmir | PKKH.tv

    uncle he said kashmir is not war zone. i said then afghanistan also is not war zone becuse no armies are at fight there. you people dont count freedom fighters so afghanistan aslo is not a war zone. pehly pura comment par lia karo jis ka reply kia hai ....
  7. laiqs@mi

    Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

    behs karny ke bajay man lena chahye is main idiot shediat ke kia bat hai. and it was her past.
  8. laiqs@mi

    Srinagar: Fidayeen Return to the heart of Kashmir | PKKH.tv

    Lolzzzz then afghanistan also is not a warzone???
  9. laiqs@mi

    Nirbhay Cruise Missile test failed.

    i thought this thread is about nirbhay. but it looks like its about brahmoos.:undecided:
  10. laiqs@mi

    Insurgents attack CRPF camp in Srinagar

    and Pakistani soldiers will be playing buntay (marbles):omghaha:

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