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  1. jaiind

    resolution about 370 in Rajya sabha

    J & K,and ladakh are U.Ts now!! :bounce::bounce::cheers::cheers:
  2. jaiind

    1st Semi Final : India Vs New Zealand

    Even rain has entered into semifinals with 8 points. Where pak got tickets to home
  3. jaiind

    BAN vs PAK | Worldcup Match | 5th July | Discussion

    sarfaraz ne dokha diya :cheers::cheers::suicide::suicide:
  4. jaiind

    England VS NZ

  5. jaiind

    England VS NZ

    Bye bye
  6. jaiind

    England VS NZ

  7. jaiind

    So Pakistan Must Win VS BD and England lose to NZ

    eng 94/0 in 14 overs!! it seems they would score 300+ runs in this match!!
  8. jaiind

    Pakistan cricket’s elephant in the room

    watch CT17 final again to come out off lost mindset !!!
  9. jaiind

    pak vs india wc 2019 group match

  10. jaiind

    pak vs india wc 2019 group match

  11. jaiind

    pak vs india wc 2019 group match

  12. jaiind

    Chinese truck drivers caught

    hua tho hua
  13. jaiind

    Humiliated and Disgraced Indian Airforce Removes AOC Srinagar for Debacle of Shooting Down Own MI17

  14. jaiind

    Breaking News: Su-30 MKI successfully fires Brahmos cruise missile (ALCM)

    i have one doubt did the iaf test fired brahmos A or heavy brahmos??

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