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    Barred By Muslim Countries, Rohingya Muslims Sneaking Into India

    Suddenly all my gussa for you old post bashing India went in thin air. :) Greater India, where all are equal, is a noble dream. If one believes in Maha Bharat/ Greater India concept, then we should not cry over few (in %compared to current population) immigrants in need. That apart...
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    Gilgit-Baltistan representatives seek US support!

    Did you forget you split once in those last 65 years ?
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    The rise of American fanatics

    Well bilal, thing is Arab countries and pakistan by no chance, represent any threat to USA. At best nuisance, and believe me they take even that very seriously, rightfully so. What is it that entire Arab+Iran+Pakistan has that would threaten US ?? and the thing is , first question to...
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    China releases America's Human rights report!

    Yes, US papper sprays the protesters and thats big freaking news. Not like they have crushed them with tanks or something right ? Also did you fail to observe that, the report included homicide rate for cause of bad US-HumanRights records ? When government is not sanctioning homicide...
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    Indian schoolboy genius solves 350 year-old Particle dynamics theories.

    Rightly said. A trait lost on many indians... :) We oughta be more humble.
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    Being Pakistani and atheist a dangerous combo, but some ready to brave it

    Since you asked : Why Do Atheism Rates Correlate With Education Levels? | Camels With Hammers Anti-Atheist Bigotry: Atheists are Privileged, Better Educated in America - Are Atheists too Privileged to be Victims of Discrimination, Bigotry? Religiosity and intelligence - Wikipedia, the free...
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    US Senate panel cuts Pakistan aid over conviction

    Those two lines dont go together ... Second thing. Just for 30 seconds, think about this : Would you believe every documentary made by American ? What if you find two documentaries, with exact opposite opinions ? Mind it, that America has one of the world's most free press. You can say anyone...
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    US Senate panel cuts Pakistan aid over conviction

    So you are suggesting since the forum is PakistaniForum, everyone should praise every act of pakistan, no matter how wrong they are ? Are you suggesting this forum is for irrationals chauvinistic ? On a more serious note, aside from rhetoric question... If someone points out a...
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    Hinduism in China

    So it is ok to take strength from fictional things, but not-so-smart to take strength from living breathing thing whose milk we drank and will drink for rest of the life and whose help we took in the past for agrarian purposes ??? Does it seem very odd, to not to feel like eating someone...
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    Female Soldiers

    If you havent been observant enough for last 500 years, be so now.. Now a days wars are fought with gun, planes and missiles. I dont see and gender bias in those "tools" (no pun intended. :P )
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    Assam demands repatriation treaty with Bangladesh

    If wishes were wings, pigs would fly... Sir, there is big fat line been 'wanting something' and 'having right to' .... Can I just say, your house is mine. ?
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    You sir, have semi-hulk syndrome, where you have body of banner and brain of Hulk … I hope writing or analyzing anything isn't your day time profession. WTF, there are many neighbors… WTF, India , pakistan are not animals . @WAR : Warmonger-a**hole What , do you...
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    So you are saying bunch of gay guys whopped your assess ? (Pun intended. :) ) Respect to Indian gay bros. :)
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    Richard Dawkins on militant atheism

    http://www.ted.com/talks/richard_dawkins_on_militant_atheism.html Some really intelligent+funny quotes there, Since his primary attack is on Church, the majority religion of his religion, I hope this post is not seen as negative to religion, but should be seen as in support of policy of...
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    Chinese journalist: Why does Japan perceive Korea as a rival and not China?

    If Japan - Korea == 40 years. I wonder what will be Japan - China ?? Going by GDP per capita it should be something like 200 years. :)
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    How US officials got into Pakistan

    Guys, seriously !!! When will you know that all america wants is a Secular and Peaceful Pakistan. It is good for pakistan good for US good for India and good for the whole world. I know in past US did mess with some democracies, but today US would not touch and real democratic and secular...
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    I met with an accident :(

    Get well soon! Eat lots of lots of protein and high calorie food. You will put on few pounds, but guarantee you will get better soon. :) And sorry about jacket. :( I know how it feels to loose something that is never gonna come back. :P What doesnt kill you, that will make you...
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    The Tilt: US & the South Asian Crisis of 1971 US govt declassified docs

    Simple objective conclusions of the reading the entire article and multiple supporting cables ... 1. US sided Pak with in 71, and it encouraged china to help Pak (I am not saying the reason PRC helped, saying that US asked PRC to help Pak) 2. Americans knew that there was a genocide happening...
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    Why doesn't China Dominate Team sports like they dominate Individual Sports

    I think this is THE ANSWER. OP should be satisfied with death of enigma. :)
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    Pakistan seeks support for UNSC seat, US Opposes

    I am pretty sure, it is only you who thinks so.. :):cheesy: You guys dont even realize that pakistan is being used to delay India's inevitable inclusion in permanent seat. FYI,according to current news, US will veto pakistani membership ...

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