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    Russia's Nerpa sub to start final sea trials in October

    More updates, the better, otherwise projects in trouble will cause more delay than necessary. Indian Defence media is playing a good role here.
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    Foreign secretary to take up attacks on Indian fishermen with Lanka

    Our fishermen are crossing the sea limits, Sri Lankan Navy is not stupid enough to fire. We should just need to make clear to them that no fishermen of an Indian origin must be killed no matter what.
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    Iran develops tech. to spot stealth jets

    Iran can develop whatever it wants. Until it tests it against F-22 Raptor. Dream on! :hitwall:
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    India to Do $2 Bn Deal for Jaguar Engines from Single Vendor.

    Reported months ago, Rolls Royce pulled out themselves. Rolls-Royce pulls out of Jaguar engine replacement | Indian Defence
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    IAF Mirage 2000 Upgrade Slowed By Weapons

    The deal for the weapons should have been made along with the upgrade to avoid further delays. Why IAF is not hurrying this process is beyond me.
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    Defence budget up by Rs 1.64 lakh crores

    India needs the howitzers it is lacking, and investigate the corruption issue as soon as possible.
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    India reveals details about RTA-70 regional aircraft

    Good to see the progress by NAL.
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    India to order 50 more Mi-17V-5 helicopters shortly

    We should instead order these. The new Mil Mi-38 transport helicopter :hitwall:
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    Delays hit homegrown AWACS Aircraft

    So more changes are being done to the system. What is the status. I hope DRDO is not going to extend further time and reap all the $$$.
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    Aero India - 2011

    UPLOAD ALL YOUR AERO INDIA 2011 PHOTOS HERE. Aero India 2011 - Indian Military Photos
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    DRDO losing its top scientists

    Dont copy our articles without providing credit. DRDO losing its top scientists | Indian Defence
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    India's First indigenous aircraft carrier to be launched this December.

    What is the name of this Indigenous Aircraft Carrier? I thought 4 carriers are planned?
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    India in global top ten in research article output

    Most of the Indian geniuses are aboard and enjoying life. Time to come back and increase this list.
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    Indian Navy Pushes For More Technological Self-Reliance

    I believe the Indian Navy is 3 times ahead of the other two services in self-reliance.
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    That is a cute picture! :)
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    China's J-20 stealth fighter: 'design is 25 years old'

    It is probably old, and that is how long it probably takes to build a fighter like this. How long did it take for the F-22 to be ready? That is considering that the U.S. Aviation is far ahead and has the funds to do so.
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    Bangladesh interested in FC-1 fighter & K-8 Trainer

    The best aircraft for Bangladesh to buy is F-16, JF-17, LCA or Su-30s.
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    India's New Weapon Buying Manual Out

    I wonder what these are.
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    AMCA :: Fifth Generation Fighter Under Development in India

    I see no point in funding AMCA when there are already funds allocated for the PAK-FA. If the armed forces are serious about AMCA than it is a fighter that will be used along with PAK-FA and will come out 2025+.
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    DRDO to shoot down missile at 150 km altitude

    Stop being a bully or a troll. Post reported.

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