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    Europe is abandoning Trump on the world stage as it turns away from the US toward China

    Calling all USA worshippers on here to comment USA will be alone this time to fight chjna , and that's why , they will lose and lose badly . USA itself is not enough , specially when rest of the world is in the opposition So , considering USA changed stance against Huawei , the world...
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    EU backs WHO, rejects Trump's pull-out threat

    Trump is going to create his own world :)
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    How US-China cold war will transform Pakistan

    I wanted to ask this question This article hasn't actually answered anything But like someone mentioned in the comments. , We should be taking side of china to tackle India , having a physically closed neighbour , and having a more reliable neighbour But our "elite" are us booot lickers...
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    Exclusive: U.S. moves to cut Huawei off from global chip suppliers

    huawei is mainly in telecomm.. phones arent their main business. but as long as europe and other ocuntries give china business, usa saactions will only harm usa in the longer run.. if eu decides to cut the contact with china, they will stay behind in space race.. do they want to ? and the...
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    The verge said that tsmc has cut away from Huawei. It means the exact opposite of this article. I wonder which one is true. I love how they alwau try to portray in last few months that soon china will bow to USA , due to its policy. Those lines are good for idiot Americans and / or idiot...
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    Pakistan should be worried whenever there is a terror attack in India: Air Force Chief

    o enno chaa pilao tay cake dawu.. aye bhukka lagda aye
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    After Islamophobic Posts, Indian in New Zealand to Be Terminated as Judicial Officer

    Suddenly , Indians have become brace all..over the globe They will defiantly be able to wipe off all the Arabs in India.
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    Chinese embassador died in Israel

    Sorry. I couldn't find it. Wil delete. Thanks
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    China is 'responsible' for take down of U.S. economy: Trump economic adviser

    Which one is conspiracy ? Trade war ?
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    Chinese embassador died in Israel

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-ambassador-to-israel-found-dead-in-his-home-11589726373 Chinese Ambassador to Israel Found Dead in His Home Du Wei, 57, was a career diplomat who had arrived in Israel in February Du Wei was a career diplomat who was Beijing’s envoy to Ukraine from...
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    China is 'responsible' for take down of U.S. economy: Trump economic adviser

    But USA had time to prepare for that. Why are they blamjng china ? And chjna didn't purposely spread it. His statements can be translated as " China has WMDs. Let's attack " .
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    Who is engineering the Anti-Dam Campaign on Social Media?

    when did you last study about water flow in indus to punjan and below? bhai dam is being buillt in north .. sindh and south is staying poor and dry.. we got to take care of the whole country.. warna phir keep fighting BLA etc.. and my line was ignored where even world bank said no to...
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    US 'would lose a war with China fought in the Pacific

    godness me!!! too much usa worshippers , inside and outside USa on pdf. just wait for this to happen .. you guys are talking like donald trump china will not be alone , to fight usa. And they will be fighting for their home.. its much harder to attack thousands of miles awya from your house...
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    Who is engineering the Anti-Dam Campaign on Social Media?

    While its true what you said , Do we have ha e better distribution water ? Is there a way to find this if Sindh govt is lying or not British directed water tomlunjab because it was easier and easier and quicker to get crops. I feel it's still the same. That's why I would like to know more...
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    Who is engineering the Anti-Dam Campaign on Social Media?

    Good input. What is tail ? And it's possible that those zameendar are taking all water and not letting it down south. And this kind of water dispute will let people go.to BLA and work for them. So this has to be made a priority.
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    China threatens already fatigued USA

    What is Pakistan going to do in this situation Suadi and chjna sandwich :) Same for India. USA Russia sandwich :) Should start another thread on it ? Understood
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    The Digital Yuan: Will It End the Dollar Dictatorship?

    Rothschild and co :) Also Federal reserves You are welcome
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    China threatens already fatigued USA

    Yo guys. USA can't just attack china. It's not middle East. Russia alone is a pain for usa. Japan would fight but not for long. I don't know why you are saying all will gang up against china. And how.effective would that be, we shall see if it happens. On paper ,china and allies are far more...
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    Who is engineering the Anti-Dam Campaign on Social Media?

    10 years ago , Alice albinia went from Kait bander to north. And she has written the real story in her book. May be time to pick that up. ( Even now it's dated and problem is worse I am.sure ) You have totally lost it dude. Go to sleep. It's a long time in iftaar

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