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  1. الأعرابي

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Any Iranians here know the name of the song or got a YouTube link to the full song?
  2. الأعرابي

    A Sri Lankan national lynched in Sialkot by mob of terrorists for blasphemy

    These South Asian countries with their weak central governments are a 1000 years behind the rest of the world, they still practice mob justice in the 21st century, hell even sub Saharan Africa is more civilized!
  3. الأعرابي

    Syria's Assad wins 4th term with 95% of vote, in election the West calls fraudulent

    It’s not about the west, any decent person with a single working brain cell would know this election is a fraud. GTFO
  4. الأعرابي

    KSrelief: Saudi Support for Yemen Topped 17 Bln Dollars

    Cool story bro, Now after you wake up from your fantasies be a good little Khan and come clean my toilet, got some Riyals for you if you do a good job and I can’t count how many little Khans such as yourself would kill for a visa to escape your hellhole countries and come work here like slaves...
  5. الأعرابي

    A message from Yemen

    I see Iranian sponsored terrorists being bombed to smithereens so what’s the issue here? If anyone feels sorry for them you can go and volunteer to join your beloved terrorists and we’ll gladly turn you into a burnt kabab as well.... And now in the real world and aside from the boring overused...
  6. الأعرابي

    Saudi Arabia ‘rejects’ US report on Khashoggi

    It’s been more than 3 years & every once and awhile Khashoggi issue get resurfaced and chewed on by mere losers who think anything’s gonna change all of sudden. I swear y’all are pathetic MBS will prevail and y’all can die in your rage :) As for sleepy Joe he’s not less pathetic than the bunch...
  7. الأعرابي

    KSrelief: Saudi Support for Yemen Topped 17 Bln Dollars

    And what did your failed sh!thole sewer of country that you & most of your people couldn’t wait to run away from seeking a better life in either western countries or working as toilet cleaners for the goat herders did to help the Yemenis? Or help anyone for that matter? Acha batcha
  8. الأعرابي

    Iran strikes with explosions an Israeli owned-ship outside of Gulf of Oman

    What else to expect from a nation ruled by pirates
  9. الأعرابي

    Britain refuses to suspend arms exports to Saudi Arabia

    Time over time the UK has proven to be a reliable ally unlike sleepy Joe’s America. The whole world is an open market for us.
  10. الأعرابي

    Actors Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Wu offer $25K reward after 91-year-old shoved to ground in Oakland's Chinatown

    Different races evolved differently, thus the tendency for some races to be more violent than others and some to be more innovative...Etc
  11. الأعرابي

    Whitest Brown Guy - Funny

    don’t know what’s all that laughing and giggling is about, it’s a sign of hidden insecurities to be honest which I don’t blame you since you’ve been stumbled upon by both Arabs and Whites, first our great ancestors violate you ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_bin_Qasim?wprov=sfti1) then...
  12. الأعرابي

    Whitest Brown Guy - Funny

    We fly cars wherever we desire because we can, and everyone knows we’re rich so there’s hardly any proof needed. And if we wanted to be “accepted” by the west we would’ve bend our laws and complied to every “human rights issue” they throw at us. You see unlike you we see the Whites as our equals...
  13. الأعرابي

    Whitest Brown Guy - Funny

    We’re talking about the GCC here, no one mentioned war stricken countries
  14. الأعرابي

    Whitest Brown Guy - Funny

    Hmm what makes you think we are? We’re not running away from our countries in droves in order to live in White countries while our highest aspiration is to obtain a western country citizenship?🤔
  15. الأعرابي

    Whitest Brown Guy - Funny

    Never understood why South Asians are obsessed with Whites, inferiority complex?
  16. الأعرابي

    UAE’s F-35 contracts expected to be signed before end of Trump administration

    let them fly their own outdated planes first;

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