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  1. HunterKiller

    Pakistan's nuke warheads aimed at deterring India: US report

    It is actually funny that US being the only country which used Nukes to kill millions is "concerned" about other countries who "might" use nukes, but despite their crocodile tears over "instability" , it seems no other "third world" countries have used it yet. Irony at its best. Khud toh hazaro...
  2. HunterKiller

    Pathankot Shows We Have Learnt No Lessons

    I've been holding off on writing this piece for more than 36 hours now. I didn't feel it would be appropriate to sit down and analyse the fallout of an attack that was still being responded to by our security forces. It's been a long 60 hours since news of the attack first came in. Once again...
  3. HunterKiller

    The original sin of Yakub Memon

    ...aaaaaand guess what? that post was written by me tooo :p: (being the admin of a million+ liked FB page, it was my responsibilty to make all the a**h**** t*ts calm who were fighting in the comment section, hence the post)
  4. HunterKiller

    The original sin of Yakub Memon

    and does those "heinous" crime include killing (by burning & raping) " 36 women & 35 children " in cold blood?
  5. HunterKiller

    The original sin of Yakub Memon

    Let's for the sake of argument agree that Mejoritarian Demockracy is followed in India. Alright. Now let's have a look at the Earth's heaven - the Pakistan How many Policies are made in Pakistan keeping the benefits of Hindus in mind? Care to explain?
  6. HunterKiller

    The original sin of Yakub Memon

    Don't Worry.. I'm a Junooni Mullah .. I'm just "rationale" enough :disagree:
  7. HunterKiller

    The original sin of Yakub Memon

    Please maintain calm and peace. This is NOT a Hindu-Muslim issue. Remember, last night when we were sleeping in our homes, two Hindu Lawyers - Anand Grover and Prashant Bhushan of their own knocked at residence of a Judge of the Supreme Court to make last ditch effort to save Yaqub and for the...
  8. HunterKiller

    The original sin of Yakub Memon

    Those who rejoice in the judicially sanctioned hanging of Yaqub Memon - pathetic Hindu fascist bigots who should be struggled against.. Those who regret his death but only because he was a Muslim (and otherwise have no problem with hangings) - selective and to be ignored Those who only see...
  9. HunterKiller

    Book the Gujarat police does not want released: author speaks about 11 years in jail in Akshardham

    The 44-year-old Madrasa teacher says the book is not banned, but there is pressure: 'We know what they are capable of and what they did in the past'. On the late afternoon of September 24, 2002, two gunmen, Murtuza Hafiz Yasin and Ashraf Ali Mohammed Farooq, entered the Akshardham Temple in...
  10. HunterKiller

    Hindus are insecure in India: Togadia

    Hindus are not secure in India, just like Muslims are not secure in Middle East, Christian are not safe in Europe/America..!! WTF is wrong with people these days? Are they eating their own shit back??
  11. HunterKiller

    Tejas flies in -15ºC in Ladakh

    TNN | Jan 28, 2015, 08.44 PM IST BENGALURU: Soaked overnight in extreme cold (around -15oC) weather in Ladakh, light combat aircraft (LCA) Tejas' engine required three consecutive start-ups of the engine, but the fighter fought the limitations and flew on Wednesday, achieving another milestone...
  12. HunterKiller

    Why was Gandhi killed?

    Investigations following the murder of Gandhi exposed the conspiracy and all the accused were arrested and chargesheeted. They included Nathuram Vinayak Godse, Narayan Apte, Vishnu Karkare, Gopal Godse, Digambar Badge, Madanlal Pahwa, Dattatreya S Parchure, Shankar Kishtaiyya and Vinayak Damodar...
  13. HunterKiller

    Now China ready to take partnership with India to higher level: Xi

    I agree to the first three points. But about the fourth one, we should not trust US either. Especially with the military bases and defense sites
  14. HunterKiller

    Now China ready to take partnership with India to higher level: Xi

    Majority of Americans (My Colleagues as the survey group, 92/117) don't even know Obama was in India till yesterday. They do however know he will be attending Saudi King's funeral. Modi can make a hundred more forced hugs, wardrobe changes in front of Obama. Truth is India or Indian PM does not...
  15. HunterKiller

    Obama and Modi agree to limit US liability in case of nuclear disaster

    Barack Obama and Narendra Modi address the media after their talks in Delhi. Photograph: Manish Swarup/AP US industrial interests took centre-stage at the start of Barack Obama’s visit to India as he and the prime minister, Narendra Modi, outlined a deal to limit the legal liability of US...
  16. HunterKiller

    Pakistan airforce plane lands at Lucknow for refuelling

    PTI Lucknow, January 26, 2015 | UPDATED 16:40 IST A Pakistan Air Force aircraft, with five military personnel on board, was allowed to land at the airport here for refuelling last afternoon, official sources said on Monday. The aircraft, which had taken off from Rawalpindi, was allowed by the...
  17. HunterKiller

    Philosophical debates and logic puzzles

    If @SvenSvensonov and @Nihonjin1051 read each other's mind, who's mind are they reading? :crazy:
  18. HunterKiller

    Islamic State militants execute Japanese hostages

    ISIS, an embarrassment for all the peace loving Muslims, a headache for the rest of the world
  19. HunterKiller

    Windows 10 Launched!! Who's gonna Try??

    Tried the Technical Preview.. Looks like they have updated the kernel.. GUI is also updated Don't Worry. It's still in development phase. Final version will be lot more stable :-)

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