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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    What are you trying to achieve by posting this psychopath's gif? garbage
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    TISU officially named ANKA-3

    In some periods, we were so close to the USA that they did not hesitate to give technology to us. As far as I have observed, we have gained important know-how in the period between 1980-2010. For example, we got "NICKEL BASED SINGLE CRYSTAL TURBINE WING SUPER ALLOYS" from the USA in this period...
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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Unfortunately Erdogan ruined the economy. I am sure that Erdogan will go with the elections. People are having trouble even getting basic food items. Turks living abroad should not defend Erdogan. We are the ones who are struggling. MMU will be better governed with the coming of the new...
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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Internal weapon stations must be very large. The cockpit of our fighter seems a little high. But I am still 100 percent sure that it will be one of the top five fighters in the world by 2030.
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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Higher than I expected. Hmmm
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    International aids for twin earthquake in Kahramanmaraş/Turkiye | Common Thread

    Bosnians are a great nation. It is one of the most loved nations in the world.
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    What happened in Turkiye is NOT the punishment of Allah

    You don't know what Allah has planned.
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    International aids for twin earthquake in Kahramanmaraş/Turkiye | Common Thread

    The earthquake is bigger than it looks. The estimated death toll will exceed 100,000. At least 3 million people will be homeless. Our government made a big mistake by not putting the army on the field in the first moments. Now, serious problems, especially security, have started to appear in the...
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    earthquake in Turkey all turkish members ok?

    Access to Twitter was blocked in Turkey because the government was criticized on Twitter. All aid organizations were made via Twitter. Despite this, they banned. Erdogan's Turkey...
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    Turkiye stopped Shahbaz Sharif from visiting due to ongoing rescue work in progress

    Friends, we don't care who Pakistan chooses. Whoever is at the head of Pakistan, we have to respect him. We had two very big earthquakes. At least 20,000 deaths are expected. There are thousands of corpses waiting under the rubble. Under these circumstances, it was very necessary to postpone...
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    Turkey and Hungary should be suspended from NATO

    We will leave NATO when the time comes, but we still have a long way to go. After the second world war, NATO was an obligation against Soviet expansionism. When the time comes, it will be an obligation to leave NATO. For now, we are very weak both economically and politically.
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    Turkey could be on the brink of dictatorship

    Erdogan is definitely not a dictator. There is no chance of being elected in the 14 May election. A real dictator will not go by election, but you will see that Erdogan leaves calmly.
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    How did Turkey become an UAV superpower?

    no, it's correct. This list you shared may be civilian drone market.
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    How did Turkey become an UAV superpower?

    The Greeks must be crazy. Do they seriously think they can win a war against Turkey? It will be the most humiliating war in the world. There is a terrible power imbalance between us and the Greeks.
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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    It's really annoying that f404 still hasn't arrived. Why did they still sign the contract for the f110 engines? Do they think GE won't sign the deal? What do you think about this? They said the tf6000 is experimental. Their main goal is to gain experience to manufacture the tf35000. When the...
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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    According to the news of trhaber dated August 3, 2022, the engines were delivered. https://www.trhaber.com/m/savunma/mmu-motorundan-sonra-hurjet-in-motoru-da-geldi-f404-ler-h59970.html
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    Turkish Navy to be in strongest position with major Projects

    Never believe the greeks, they are incredible liars. if greek theory was in spain:
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    Pakistan - Turkey (PAC-TAI) Collaboration for NGFA-TFX 5th Gen Aircraft l Updates, News & Discussion

    TAI and Baykar are not competitors. Both of them are doing the jobs assigned by the presidency of the defense industry of Turkey. Baykar will never build a manned aircraft. Its next target is space and civil flying vehicles (maybe flying cars).
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    Turkey begins assembly of fifth-generation TF-X fighter

    You should be ashamed of yourself for being so smart.

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