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  1. Durran3

    BREAKING! Kandahar has been captured!

    In my heart I am deeply saddened that this is happening. I feel for the innocent civilians women, men and children who will now be forced to live under these cockroaches with complete indignity. Women now won’t be able to go to clinics, no more school parks, zero prospects for higher education...
  2. Durran3

    BREAKING! Kandahar has been captured!

    I have no love for Pakistan (being a Pakistani) and I hate religion with a passion in general but Afghans are giving Pakistan way too much credit for the their complete and utter failure I guess it’s fun to look cool in full on American arsenal, weapons and Humvees for a photo op till shit...
  3. Durran3

    #Sanction Pakistan is idiotic and childish at best

    Afghan's that are rallying to make Pakistan a scapegoat for the Taliban uprising and insurgency need to understand that you are giving Pakistan more credit than it actually deserves. That's not to say that Pakistan isn't complacent in some shape or form but it's no way near what most Afghans...
  4. Durran3

    Saudi Arabia asked Pakistan's help against Yemeni insurgents..!!

    The Same Saudi that behead Pakistanis constantly - The Same Saudi whose prince's come and hunt our endangered birds, The Same Saudi's that who'd rather waste Pakistani lives than their own, the Same Saudi's who are openly racist and say Arab men should not marry Pakistani women - I mean what...
  5. Durran3

    POLL- What do Pakistanis on PDF think about the Saudi intervention in Yemen? Pakistani members only.

    Why should pakistan send its troops to a BS country like Saudi that openly funds and supports terror networks around the world. On top of that they constantly behead Pakistani en-mass. Saudi Barbaria can go to the dogs for all we care. Pakistani Army and Taxpayers should NOT support this vile...
  6. Durran3

    Mission Accomplished !!

    Guy makes a trailer - you guys make the movie. Not to mention thanks for proving the idiot right obviously his film wasn't bullshitting PESHAWAR: The provincial capital resembled a battlefield on Friday as the city experienced its worst riots in recent years, claiming at least six lives...
  7. Durran3

    Wikileaks:Saudi-funded Madrassas in Punjab providing recruits for militants

    So why hasn't Pakistan declared War on Saudi if because of their extremist funding we've lost more than 25000 people? Oh right we need money
  8. Durran3

    Hoodbhoy the maniac : Pak Army Was Hiding Osama

    Relax kiddo.. I've lived in Kakul Abbotabad for some time and everyone that lives there has to go through a military background check. Every house in that area is watched by the army and your telling me that the worlds most wanted man who was caught just a few meters away from Kakul in a fairly...
  9. Durran3

    Hoodbhoy the maniac : Pak Army Was Hiding Osama

    Calling someone whose stating blatant facts a maniac? Call me a maniac for saying the World is round and not flat
  10. Durran3

    Palestinians set on UN statehood bid in September

    I like the way Obama has handled this issue with Netanyahu. Here is his Speech at AIPAC Obama AIPAC Speech 2011: President Seeks To Smooth Out U.S.-Israel Tensions (VIDEO)
  11. Durran3

    Florida imams arrested for aiding Pakistani Taliban

    Florida imams arrested for aiding Pakistani Taliban - Yahoo! News MIAMI (Reuters) - The imam of a Florida mosque and his two sons, one also a Muslim spiritual leader, were arrested on Saturday on charges of financing and supporting the Pakistani Taliban, U.S. officials said. The three...
  12. Durran3

    Iran plans to blind attacker with acid on insistence of victim

    Throwing acid on a womans face really.. isn't he MANLY. Good thing he'll be blind for the rest of his life and rightfully deserves it. You eff up one persons life you deserve to have yours ten fold
  13. Durran3

    Shabqadar: 87 killed, dozen injured in twin explosions

    And you are part of the problem.. people like you are equally responsible for terrorism. Well maybe not equally but slightly less since this mentality is what has brought us into this mess. Stupidity has no boundaries. I thought Pakistanis in general are good at blaming others but alas you even...
  14. Durran3

    Shabqadar: 87 killed, dozen injured in twin explosions

    These Jihadist Islamists need to rot and burn under an artillery cannon. Pakistan will NEVER move forward if it continues to use Pakistan ka Matlab kiya mentality. Who cares Pakistan ka matlab kiya.. what we care about is having a progressive Pakistan that evolves and moves in the 21st...
  15. Durran3

    Cooperation between ISI-CIA broken down: Gilani

    The Public isn't necessarily always right you know...especially the Pakistani public where sensationalism and Jazba prevail over logic and rationality.
  16. Durran3

    Osama bin Laden’s death: Updates & Discussions

    Nobody cares about what you believe. You are entitled to your beliefs and opinions what your NOT entitled to are fact
  17. Durran3

    PM lands in Afghanistan, 'Welcome to your second home', says Karzai

    Sad part of reality... Northern Alliance apparently weren't no angels either they were just lesser of the two evils but still I believe Afghanistan would have been slightly better off under Ahmad Shah Masood.
  18. Durran3

    Russia hails Pakistan’s SCO bid

    Weren't Faisal Shehzad and Afia Siddiqui educated enough. In fact some members of the retarded Hizb-ut-Tehrir group are actually Very educated. Education hardly curbs down terrorism. Blaming Zardari for every ill in Pakistan is just an easy way to out isn't it?
  19. Durran3

    Debating Liberal Fascism

    Please save us the whole what are the 'sources' or her 'nebulous contacts' argument. Going by this logic no kind of survey or source of information would ever be sufficient for you. No kind of research based analysis would ever convince you. Why not call them up in Islamabad and confirm and...
  20. Durran3

    Osama bin Laden’s death: Updates & Discussions

    Holy hell.. You people are stupid posting Alex Jones videos... unbelievable. Anyways some LEGIT information. Bin Laden’s Neighbors Say Compound Was Under Surveillance Since 2005 Contrary to statements released by Pakistani intelligence agencies denying any knowledge of the occupants...

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