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  1. somebozo

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    World is witnessing a moral hypocrisy of new magnitude in global affairs. No one came forward to raise voice on the poor middle eastern victims of war and drone strikes. Suddenly, everyone is up to save an eastern European country. The law & order, Financial system, trading and shipping lanes...
  2. somebozo

    Ukraine's Lesson For Pakistan: Never Give Up Nuclear Weapons

    For once i really felt proud.The only reason we can do this in nuclear weapon. Never compromise on sovereignty.
  3. somebozo

    Indian Female Students Kidnapped in Ukraine. One Male Student Shot Dead. Other Female Students Get Thrown Out of the Train by Ukrainians

    Avoid going to unstable countries to study..the fact that Ukraine and russia are in a state of war since 2014 should serve a warning.
  4. somebozo

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Euro-American political thought is morally distorted and skewed beyond belief. For decades none spoke about their own dirty act of meddling into states, failing them, invading them at will, destroying them and running away with impunity. However, this time a western power decided to act with in...
  5. somebozo

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    The current melt down of global political order was set up by none other than US and its NATO allies. For the last two decades, this alliance has invaded countries at will, propped up revolutions and plunged entire states into social chaos. Ethics and morality vanished from geo-politics and...
  6. somebozo

    IBO - FIA Karachi busted Foreign Intel Agency's Network involved in Money Trafficking & Illegal Activities

    Their names tell the story who is behind it..and there are hundreds of networks like this just in Karachi alone.
  7. somebozo

    Featured Once upon a fault line

    Exposes the hypocrisy of swiss. They were primary financial conduit against soviet union and later to plunder and launder russian wealth. But now Swiss banks want to be part of Russian sanction.
  8. somebozo

    India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

    It was perhaps one of the biggest strategic defeats of the century. American bet on the wrong horse with Modi. Wait for the impeding financial crunch to comes from American investments in India as they realized their partner has failed them. Pakistan and its allies won a great strategic upper...
  9. somebozo

    CIA declassified documents Air War 1971 - PAF v IAF

    factually incorrect. no Pakistani trainers in iran. And Pakistan is training the Iraqi airforce
  10. somebozo

    Iran to slash 4 zeros, rename currency

    Devaluations is a disease and root of all economic malaise. At the end of WW2, German economist argued against the devaluation theory and up valued the currency by 92% and it spiralled a fantastic economic recovery in two years. Turkey did the same with its old Lira and Iran is thinking across...
  11. somebozo

    The Great Loot - Dividing the Middle East

    The powerful always imposes its will and those powerful happen to be Ottoman Empire, France and Britain
  12. somebozo

    Bangladeshi Migrants in KSA: 10 lakh face deportation

    There are no 10 lakh Bangladeshi migrants in KSA..these are Burmese who are living around Jeddah and Makkah. Many have Bangladeshi passports for travel documents
  13. somebozo

    Shaan wants Pakistan to produce epics about local heroes, history

    Where did he local culture of KPK, Sindh, Punjab and Balochustan go? Sorry to say but disgusting slave mentality. Arab invaders must have left some cousins in our family tree We should promote game pehlwan and Sultan Rahi. Thats enough to scare the Arabs out :yahoo::yahoo: I don't understand...
  14. somebozo

    Shaan wants Pakistan to produce epics about local heroes, history

    Totally agreed with him While Turkey legalizes prostitution and alcohol, it is exporting is cultural imperialism to indoctrinate foreign youth in Pro-Turkish jihad and soft power. Pak-India has a deep-rooted and proud military history and it is time we start educating the youth in our local...
  15. somebozo

    Epic Wagha border power display by Pakistan Rangers

    Its more of an ignorance show rather than a power display. Millions are starving on both sides of the border, sanitation, clean water, education all remains a major crisis. Yet we are competing at raising legs on a British drawn border which left us with a divide and rule quarrel to fight while...
  16. somebozo

    Rare Photos: South Asian Valour World Wide

    A Punjabi Muslim cavalryman from the British Indian Army hands rations to starving Christian women in Iraq during WWI. Fine Art Print-British Indian Army - Hindustani Jats, NWFP British Empire: Armed Forces: Indian Army: Cavalry: 1st Bengal Lancers Indian Officers, 1884 British Empire...
  17. somebozo

    Rare Photos: South Asian Valour World Wide

    A group of recruits of the 2nd Lancers Cavalry regiment during a musketry drill. Regiment of Punjab Frontier Force Attack on Wana Camp 3rd November 1894 Battle of Ali Masjid - Second Afghan War The Northamptonshire Regiment on the march in Waziristan, 1936. Egypt, 1917...
  18. somebozo

    Rare Photos: South Asian Valour World Wide

    Man in military dress and turban. ca. 1889 (some photographs later). From an album of photographs from Burma, India, and Egypt. The camp at Maidan, Tirah Typical of all the camps set up during the Tirah Campaign. The Command Post and the Hospitals (British and Native) were at the core of the...

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