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  1. gwangju.khan

    Asaduddin Owaisi: Muslims in India have no connection with Mughals, but who were their wives?

    Jahangir, referring to an Indian muslim community called the Sayyids of Barha: Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri Aurangzeb: Maasir-i-Alamgiri Aurangzeb: Ruqa'at-i-Alamgiri Aurangzeb, again referring to the influence of the indian muslim tribe known as the Syeds of Barha: Other nobles referring to the...
  2. gwangju.khan

    Language & Ethnicity of the Mughals

    "Turki" was the word Babur used to describe his mother-tongue, Chagatai Turkic. The Mughals continued this description to describe Chagatai Turkic. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan all speak various Turkic languages and dialects. Babur spoke Chatagai Turki which is the ancestor...
  3. gwangju.khan

    Language & Ethnicity of the Mughals

    Yes, especially since Urdu back then was only a spoken language and not a literary language, until the 18-19th century. Persian was the language of the state, administration and learning not only in the Mughal empire but also in the Sikh empire and native Muzaffar Shahs of Gujarat. My point was...
  4. gwangju.khan

    Language & Ethnicity of the Mughals

    The trend of Turki no longer being spoken in India did not begin in Shah Jahan's time but in Akbar's time. The biographer of a prominent noble in Akbar's time, Abdur-Rahim Khan-i-Khanan(who was the son of bairam khan and a native dynasty), describes below that the noble had knowledge of Turki...
  5. gwangju.khan

    Language & Ethnicity of the Mughals

    Topic is about the Mughal empire founded post-Akbar and not the short-lived territories of Babur and Humayun. The first answer I usually see is that Mughals were ethnic Turks. However, according to the court historian Amir Qazvini, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan did not speak the Turki language...
  6. gwangju.khan

    Beaten and humiliated for being a Muslim in India

    Maybe you are forgetting that the Mumbai Attacks were committed by Punjabis from Pakistan in response to Babri Masjid.
  7. gwangju.khan

    Islamic culturalization of India since 1947.

    I'm pretty sure OP's intention was to discredit those ideas of culture of Pakistanis and Indian Hindus being the "same", as Indians like to claim
  8. gwangju.khan

    Islamic culturalization of India since 1947.

    burqas , or purdahs , were actually an inherent part of Delhi's Muslim urban culture until now (Muslim women voting in Delhi) (Muslim male and female students segregated at Aligarh Muslim University) Delhi Indian Muslim women 4:24 onwards It doesn't seem like you are willing to accept the...
  9. gwangju.khan

    Adaab, A Mughal/Muslim greeting/gesture?

    Pretty funny but false. Here is a video of Ataturk in Turkey doing the same gesture in 0:15 The 'adaab' gesture was not even invented in india by the mughals, let alone buddhists ; it was introduced to india by the mughals but came from elsewhere
  10. gwangju.khan

    wonder why India neighbours don't like India?

    It's not about sheer population, but representation. Urdu-speakers are 8% of Pakistan, while they are 2.7% of India. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, everything from newspapers to magazines embody Urdu literature. See how the indian maintenance of Jama Masjid of Delhi compared to the...
  11. gwangju.khan

    Failure of India to Resist the Turkic Conquests

    Hizabruddin Zafar Khan was an indian Muslim according to most of the sources. Also, the Sultan Alauddin's brother-in law was Nusrat Khan Jalesari, and as indicated by the nisba he was an Indian muslim from Jalesar, UP.
  12. gwangju.khan

    Featured Turkey reconverts Istanbul's Hagia Sophia museum into a mosque

    the Hindus won't do such a thing because Taj Mahal is useful as a cash-cow in their tourism industry. Sadly the Taj Mahal is advertised as the representation of Indian culture, when it clearly isn't
  13. gwangju.khan

    Collapse of the Mughal Empire

    This is a misconception, because the Mughal emperors after the death of Aurangzeb weren't exactly living comfortable lives. Half the emperors there did not reign for more than 1 year, because they were killed off by rival claimaints to the throne. The 'weakening of the monarchial system' was...
  14. gwangju.khan

    Featured Turkey reconverts Istanbul's Hagia Sophia museum into a mosque

    Imran N. Hosein for a long time has been a propaganda tool for Alawite Assadists and Russians lol Muslims who don't support Hagia Sophia's conversion into a Mosque should take another look at their choices Hagia Sophia has not even been a church for 600 years. They are not even converting a...
  15. gwangju.khan

    From Arabization to Turkfication Ertugrul and Pakistani Nationalism

    lol Asaf Jah turkic family from Hyderabad had a tradition of marrying their daughters to sons of the Paigah family(from Punjab) in exchange for the latter providing the household troops But anyhow it depends on the situation. For e.g. the native Muslim Barha clan in Mughal nobility would not...
  16. gwangju.khan

    Soon Arab Lands will be Indian Hindu States

    to be honest the same is happening in Syria
  17. gwangju.khan

    UAE and Egypt negotiating surrender in Libya to Turkey

    Unfortunately the offensive of Watiya airbase was repelled recently
  18. gwangju.khan

    Soon Arab Lands will be Indian Hindu States

    I don't mean racially tho. Their religion comes from a Hindu origin
  19. gwangju.khan

    Soon Arab Lands will be Indian Hindu States

    To most pakis they are mostly considered the same lol.
  20. gwangju.khan

    "You're alone, you and Pakistan. A terrorist country."

    If Armenians have hatred towards us it's surprising but understandable lol.

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