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  1. Sucha Kuggu

    Be careful when you follow the masses........ sometimes the "M" is silent It happens when , when...

    Be careful when you follow the masses........ sometimes the "M" is silent It happens when , when 'Ms' are srownded by stupid wazeers (Umar bin Khattab - RA)
  2. Sucha Kuggu

    Edible oil export to India faces obstacle

    We Import lot of It from Indonesia/Malaysia, if you have competitive prices.
  3. Sucha Kuggu

    India, Russia ink S-400 missile system deal

    Its give n take Russia giving away AK-103 manufacturing plant may be as gift to make India go for more deals.
  4. Sucha Kuggu

    Top 10 Navies of world vs Pakistan (An unbiased "True" analysis)

    I expect KSA to have at least two destroyers, one on each side, If they are trained enough to master them, or under United Muslim Force. May be not full-fledged but at least like one that Iran has.
  5. Sucha Kuggu

    "When you meet a swordsman, draw your sword: Do not recite poetry to one who is not a poet."...

    "When you meet a swordsman, draw your sword: Do not recite poetry to one who is not a poet." Listen to his poetry he may reconcile if not let your sword recite him the PEACE.
  6. Sucha Kuggu

    After S-400, More Contracts On The Way: Rosoboronexport

    Every one going for S-400s and US runaway IT xpert sitting in Russia, how do should see this?
  7. Sucha Kuggu

    Pakistan's Neruosurgens do operations in 4 to 6 hours, compare to 8 to 10 hours for same procedure

    means they can perform one extra bank transection a day.:)
  8. Sucha Kuggu

    US quits UN human rights body, citing bias vs Israel, alarming critics

    What USA is committing in Pakistan under special Opps cant justify and made Pakistan chair UN body on HR. Cant explain how Pakistan would justify its role in this UN body as USA could not and hence quitted. USA can affords this "last lagh" having mastered art of being shameless
  9. Sucha Kuggu

    Tax Reforms needed to Get Pakistan 6 Billion Dollar Yearly

    Some time it look as we don't want to do things as they seem easier than others. For example If we made mobile seller take advance mobile phone tax should be calculated (market value of handset ) on monthly basis against that SIM & CNIC. In this way frequent mobile phones changers can be taxed...
  10. Sucha Kuggu

    Daesh Transferred fighters to Pakistan/Afghanistan Russian Russian Chief HQ

    i its easier for US to transport 25 trainers from Syria and exploit poverty of Afghans 100 time more than 2500.
  11. Sucha Kuggu

    Citizenship for Afghans, Bengalis opposed by KP businessmen and traders

    if u r already sending them this, then we don't mind, that what they are spreading ur gifts of terrorism for us as being ur loyal. by the way this reply was not worth replying to, but just to update u of ur lost memories
  12. Sucha Kuggu

    Citizenship for Afghans, Bengalis opposed by KP businessmen and traders

    If we can make immigrants expel then go ahead as PM says OR just limit them to their immigrant town and send three time food to them daily (its not big cost to make law an order sure). This way they wont complain of need of work etc, its simple our law don't allow this, eventually they will...
  13. Sucha Kuggu

    India calls off Sushma Swaraj’s meeting with Pakistan’s foreign minister in New York

    Congrats Pakistan as India made for us defending CPEC easy, as now she cant ask us any favors of CPEC or transit for Pakistan to Afghanistan. Make sure Kashmir despite is kept alive so that India has to buy Kashmiris which will benefit them as other 20+ coror Muslims in India.
  14. Sucha Kuggu

    Gov House, Lahore Open For Public - 8 hrs later

    #PTI. 5 Provinces x (Pm+CM+ Governors houses ) = 11 big houses, is sundering them the worth. 1000+ 20 grade bureaucracy enjoying houses on akers of land each and dozens of cars for each, what should be done to them, any 10 marla housing colonies for them and selling out all these govt owned...
  15. Sucha Kuggu

    Pakistan Has A Secret Weapon Called DRDO

    What if a phased out (service life) jet engines (FP-7-, Mirages etc) is used in such missile programs. As no threat to human life (I mean ours :) in case of flight), and a few more hours of service (till they hit) of engine don't make them **** to fail, but in case there is in-built mechanism...
  16. Sucha Kuggu

    Railways Land Should be valued as Transit Corridors

    Its very difficult what I gona say but it but these land should be offered with plea bargain/reconciliation to those VIP businessmen only on market rates, Sehgals Nishat Group Bahria Town Group Punjab colleges Sitara Group ...
  17. Sucha Kuggu

    China Sends 150 Professionals to Teach Pakistanis About Modern Farming Techniques

    Using the word "COPY" was a slap on the face of those who wil make govt to DO MORE... Research which we need not and wast more time. sprinkler and drip irrigation are not replacement of each other, but ur point is valid coast. But sir China is so cheap I feel they are giving it away free...
  18. Sucha Kuggu

    Mushy's 'Out of Box' Kashmir solution

    read my blog, India want to get id of Kashmir , its true.
  19. Sucha Kuggu

    T-129 - Pakistan signs biggest ever defence exports deal of Turkish history

    UAVs for compabt opps ?? cheaper are not they , and we are manufacturing them. after RAAD skills look quite good. Hit n Run.

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