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    Me and Imran couldnt control trader mafia.-shabbar zaidi

    People have to understand that pulverising the mafias take time. The fact that PTI exposed some was a beginning. It’s a long and arduous journey. The direction was certainly the right one. Some of the members here advocate democracy and the role of independent institutions but are too...
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    Is the country collapse imminent?

    - Military coming under defense minister in true letter and spirit - Slashing of military budget by 10% and a freeze of 5 years in Rs term - Declaration of assets of politicians, judiciary, military, bureaucrats to the public - Iron clad accountability of all corrupts, thieves - Scrap Afghan...
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    Is this the end of Pakistan? Have the colonial traitors sold the nation out?

    Pakistan is no where near the end. Stop making alarmist threads like this. What is happening is it is nearing an economic collapse (not yet there). Reason being the current PDM current lot and the people who brought them here with their Ivy league MBA level game scenarios where they thought...
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    Bollywood is obsessed with Pakistan. We’d be flattered if it weren’t so nasty Fatima Bhutto

    The Indians are indeed obsessed with Pakistan. Not sure it reminds them of the deep wounds Mughals have inflicted from yesteryears or they just can’t achieve their dream of Akhand Bharat. Mission Majnu is their new venture. A Pakistani with kajal and taweez and only talks in aap janab. This is...
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    ‘Uniformed’ man, sister booked for manhandling traffic DSP in Karachi

    The lady should be jailed for a good few weeks.
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    IMF wants assets of Pakistani officers of grade 17 - 22 to be public.

    IMF is better off guaranteeing collateral of premises such as Railways, Airports, Parliament building, Supreme court, GHQ, Pakistani embassies abroard. In Pakistan, its all about plots. In case of no loan payments, the IMF can just swoop in and take over the real estate.
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    It is hard to say. Imran Khan has seen his politics skyrocket through peaceful means. It will be difficult for for the switch to happen. His politics relies on pressuring the other side into acting and exposing themselves. He has won against PDM and also exposed the establishment in the eyes...
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    How Pakistan can import Fuel with diminished Foreign Reserves

    No need to save. I say accelerate the freebies and let the collapse come. Only then things will improve.
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    Dar greenlights plan to raise $2bn from overseas Pakistanis

    Overseas Pakistanis should demand full voting rights with EVM. Nothing short of that should be agreed to. Dar is a certified thief, figure fudger, back pain faker, money launderer, corrupt, economic hitman. Nothing coming out of his mouth should be trusted. And thanks to the boys who...
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    IMF wants assets of Pakistani officers of grade 17 - 22 to be public.

    It seems Pakistan military leadership and judiciary have got themselves off the hook. Politicians seem to have stuck. 😂
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    Excellent IMF clause : Federal govt servants must disclose assets to open bank accounts

    And their spouses, children, siblings. Sabko nanga karo!
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    Will ask SBP governor to collaborate with philanthropists to raise dollars, says Dar

    Why doesn't Dar ask his sons who have buildings in Sharjah (from the loot maar) to sell off their properties and repatriate it back to Pakistan. Dar is a certified Chor. He duped the duffers and came back all swagged up in a PAF jet. I say let him and the country go through the ordeal. Only...
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    Cherry blossom called APC on 7th feb invited imran khan too

    Sending Azam Swati will be a wise move. He can have a straight discussion with Hafiz saab on the sh!tshow on the sidelines of APC.
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    IMF wants assets of Pakistani officers of grade 17 - 22 to be public.

    I presume this includes CAOS, as he is a grade 22 officer? I would recommend IMF be very careful of these certified thieves. All grade 17-22 officers, military leadership, politicians, their direct and indirect relations need to declare their assets and data updated on a public platform with...
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    Enough with this negative, pessimistic thinking!

    Isme bhi Youth ki hi galti hai. And the PTM and Nazim Jokhio murderers became innocent overnight and made sure VoNC was a success. Establishment played no role. They were innocent bystanders and there was no such thing as a cipher. The establishment has things in control. This is by design...
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    Imran calls on President Alvi to take notice of ‘brazen interference’ by spy agencies in politics

    We are being ruled by establishment and its instruments. Instruments include PDM, ISI, MI, some officers. Inka ye kaam reh gaya hai abh.
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    PAKISTAN Closer to COLLAPSE as Cash & Fuel Run Out & National Electricity Blackout after Shutdown

    Pakistan has not yet collapsed but fast drowning into the collapse whirlpool. Import LCs not being opened, imported goods not being cleared, the Rs on a free fall, forex reserves at alarming low level, no government and the wheels of economy have grinded to a halt. It’s hard to predict how a...
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    This will be a difficult one for establishment boys to deflect. Clear as daylight establishment and PDM are a tag team in this whole operation. Pulverize PTI and its supporters and then hold elections when the country is cleansed. PDM will win the elections dawning in a new era of loot maar.
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    leaked video - Nawaz sharif getting heart /platelets treatment in UK

    This cuck did a runner from Pakistan on platelets excuse and his prick of a brother guaranteed he will return in due time. Should be rotting in jail.

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