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    Dr۔ Shahabaz Gill arrested from Islamabad

    I am talking about Army as an institution is a rogue institution
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    Dr۔ Shahabaz Gill arrested from Islamabad

    Lakh d lanat aisa mulkh pr or iss nazam pr
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    Dr۔ Shahabaz Gill arrested from Islamabad

    This is a rogue institution and it has proved time and again it works against the people of Pakistan. No wonder baloch and Pakhtuns don’t want to live under this system
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    SC judge urges Article 6 proceedings against President Alvi, Imran and others

    Bhai sb if everyone was doing their job we wouldn’t be begging IMF for help. No wonder this whole system is rotten and corrupt
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    Angry marrium safdar when crowd did not came

    I still find her toxic
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    Sindhi Pashtun RIOT in KARACHI

    Nothing of this sort was happening three months ago. This thing will happen when your personal interest gets priority over National interest.
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    Sindhi Pashtun RIOT in KARACHI

    I think I hope it’s not true but with balochistan insurgency and now unrest in sindh isn’t it a perfect recipe to impose Martial law By creating such situations in country where you make it look that there is so much uncertainty in country
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    Sindhi Pashtun RIOT in KARACHI

    Isn’t it a co incidence that mr Babur Ghuari has landed in Pakistan and now Karachi and sindh is bk to its old days . What a fucking bastard this Bajwa is . When is there is no justice than people take law into their own hand . For how long they will kill Pakistani people for their own benefits
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    Footage emerges said to be of President Rajapakse fleeing Sri Lanka aboard a Navy Vessel after protestors storm his residence

    A Sri Lankan women works with me in the office she was saying India is going to take over Sri Lankan
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    There is evidence that Imran Khan and Shahzad Akbar handed over heroin to Islamabad police: Rana Sanaullah

    I have no problem with who you support as long as you set a standard and judge everyone on the same standards but when it comes to imran they set the bar high and when it comes to these corrupt n leagues those standards don’t apply and I call those people munafiq
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    Imran Khan used my videos to get his NAB cases dropped, Tayyaba Gul claims

    What a disgrace this PMLN government is always use women for their dirty politics.
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    Signs of great leaders !

    Yeh h tu ussa sona nahi deti
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    Imran Riaz Khan arrested from Islamabad toll plaza

    One of the reason why there was no reforms done in Punjab police bcoz it does establishment dirty work and if police reforms are done then the establishment hagemony will be over. I was reading that after independence Quaid e Azam order the army chief to attack in Kashmir but he refused and army...
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    Khan is the enemy of Punjab. Maryum Nawaz while hazrat shahbaz sharif is tahajudguzaar

    Some one should ask her k Punjab iss k Pio ka ha . What a fucking retard she is
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    Imran khan's Islamabad Jalsa on July 02, 2022.

    Patwaris are the khalai khota
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    Journalist Ayaz Mir got attacked by unknown men

    It’s not Army but the absolute power with no accountability which is the problem. This power was handed out to them thinking they are patriotic they love this country but for past 75 years these military General are abusing these power and none of them have been held accountable I think this is...

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