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    Yes yes arrest those who have opposite political views. But terrorists kill 100s of civillians and the army cannot do sh!t. To be very honest, Pakistan army is incompetent. The security of nation come under their preview and look how they have failed! We need to now start calling spade a spade...
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    Blast in a Mosque in Peshawar: 50 people injured

    Pakistan army has destroyed Pakistan. They are a failure as simple as that! No ifs No buts
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    Azam swati and his wife's bedroom videos they sent to their daughter and wife. This is low...ahh

    THIS ARMY IS THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF PAKISTAN. HOPE THE CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT ROTS IN HELL. They didnot contribute anything in the creation of Pakistan and yet they rule, make DHA's like its their baap ki jageer. And further on their spoiled kids and boot lickers defend them by saying INDIA WILL...
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    Anti-Army/ISI/MI slogans raised in Megacity Lahore | Change of Command calls in a month| In 75 yrs Never seen such Questions on Army/ISI internal role

    Stop giving this excuse to the Pakistani people! Pakistani army is already compromised. Enough of thia BS that dont speak against army or india will come knock down your doors! If army was so concerned about this things why do they impose thugs upon Pakistanis and treat common folk as slaves...
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    LHC terms arrest warrant against Sanaullah 'a joke'

    ahahaha....Nice joke. You get free ride in black vigo. This army is the reason for downfall of Pakistan
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    Cannibal Army - Japanese Soldiers Abused & Ate Indian POWs

    If only you knew about real crimes of Japan during WW2. The japan then was just simply evil. Dont matter what your political stance about WW2, the WW2 Japan was engaged in rape, human experiments and atrocities that would make even devil blush
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    Maryam Nawaz, Capt Safdar acquitted in Avenfield reference

    @FOOLS_NIGHTMARE @muhammadhafeezmalik ENJOY Destruction of Pakistan! You lot deserve inflation, injustice, corruption, 2nd class citizenship. You guys have done what even india couldnt do!
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    Namak Haram Vent their Frustration on Pakistani Fans in Sharjah

    sir i think you got it opposite. it is the afghans who are are racist. they hurl abuses to our punjabi ethnicity, sindhi ethnicity, pushtoon enthnicity. Just look at how they behave against our players and our fans
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    Don’t push me to the point where I expose all faces, warns Imran

    Yea and who has been ruling Pakistan through out history? Now give another excuse? Your army leadership has destroyed Pakistan, lost the confidence of people, forced capbale workforce i.e., engineers, scientists, researchers, doctors to flee overseas. And imposed corrupt mafia upon us. Keep...
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    Don’t push me to the point where I expose all faces, warns Imran

    you keep talking about flood response. Army takes money from budget for emergency crisis. WHO IS THE HEAD OF NDMA? a retd army general! NDMA failed big time. You accuse others for brain washing yet it is you who has been brain washed. Doing photoshoots dont make an organization holy.
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    oh what stringent economic conditions? Their budget is the least effected. Political unstability? I wonder who is responsible for that. Its really suprising how you army people like to twist the narrative. If budget were strigent higher ups wont have their kids living in "dubai". Eagerly waiting...
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    Something suspicious about Shahabaz Gill

    dont worry "neutrals" are not worth anything either. Literally 90% of Pakistanis belonging to all ethnicities now look "neutrals" in bad light ( and this is putting it lighthly). If Jinnah was alive today our "neutrals" would have branded him as a traitor, corrupt leader. Thats how pathetic...
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    Something suspicious about Shahabaz Gill

    why? you gonna send vigos to pick him up at airport?
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    Jinnah class guided missile frigate has entered detailed design phase, after completion of conceptual design phase

    that why we need good managment not retd generals who know nothing about R&D or Engineering.
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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    what are you on about? army was persuing deal with TTP. Some senators and parlimentarians raised issue that civil govt should be included, which led to in camera briefings. The political parties that passed the bill are PPP , PMLN and likes which donot HAVE A SINGLE STAKE in kpk or punjab or...
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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    so please do enlighten us "ungrown" folks. According to our ispr 90% fencing has been done. There is no ttp stronghold left in Pakistan except for sleeper cells. Not long ago your supreme leader bajwa himself said army has won against terrorists. Unless these barbaric cavemen have made...
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    Dr۔ Shahabaz Gill arrested from Islamabad

    just wanted to ask, how does it feel to sell out your country?
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    Ibn Hareem engaging in posionous propaganda against PTI.

    Army has harmed Pakistan more than it has done good for my beloved state. 1) Who imposed and engineered corrupt politicians and religious zealots for control? 2) Who has ruled Pakistan more in the past ? Civillians or our "beloved institution" 3) Who is responsible for Pakistan down projection...
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    Gen Bajwa contacts UAE, Saudi Arabia over Pakistan-IMF deal

    in what world is BEGGING saving?
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    ECP finds PTI guilty of accepting prohibited funds

    Pakistan is on the verge of default. Major political instability where crooks are at helm. Flooding ravaging Pakistan. Bajwa and army have literally destroyed Pakistan. Good Job! And all this time we were fooled to think India was the enemy #1.

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