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    Turkish Air Defence Programs

    sorry, its now.
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    @WebMaster or whoever feels responsible. We need a mod, people are insulting each other in Turkish. Islamists and conspiracy theorist are taking over the forum.
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    Turkish Air Defence Programs

    tl;dr Hisar-A was modified and is not Hisar-A+ and in mass production. Hisar-O not yet, but soon-ish. There seem to be some problems with a couple components of the latter. is it embargoed products again? Last part is my speculation.
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    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    Thats what happens when there is no moderation.
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    Turkish Space Programs

    That's his other company. if only we had the means to attract such Turkish origin talent to invest in Turkey. Whether its Bülent Altan or the guys from Sierra Nevada. Turkish people have been successfull in all sorts of areas from Space to recently vaccines or AI. They just dont do it at home...
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    Turkish Space Programs

    Anyone got a good overview/article about space developments in Turkey private and government? Btw Bülent Altan, former chief engineer at Space X has invested in the German start-up Isar Aerospace. According to Morgan Stanley, the Satelite launch market will grow times x3 by 2025 to around 8bln...
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    Turkish Armed Forces has been ranked the 6th strongest in the world!

    Where the **** is the moderation.
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    Turkish Engine Programs

    Last paragraph is the most important one: Turkish engineers that worked on previous projects abroad have joined TR Motor, which means they will bring in a lot of know-how that was previously not there.
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    Turkish Engine Programs

    Does anyone know which magazine this is and when it was published?
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    Turkish Missile Programs

    Looking forward to see a proper Turkish Spaceport, but I dont know if our geographical position is good for that.
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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    This sub is turning salty and needlessly aggressive without moderation @whoever feels responsible.
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    Turkish Space Programs

    Someone explain the importance of the atomic clock?
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    Turkey Finds Energy in Black Sea as Erdogan Vows a New Era

    There's always SOCAR as a potential partner, but I don't know if they have expertise in that field or not.
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    Turkey Finds Energy in Black Sea as Erdogan Vows a New Era

    Well let's wait for Friday, maybe he's going to announce another bridge instead.
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    Turkey Finds Energy in Black Sea as Erdogan Vows a New Era

    Also on a related note: significant oil reserves found near the Iraqi border https://trillionenergy.com/2020/07/07/trillion-energy-announces-derecik-zagros-basin-oil-property-evaluation/
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    Blue Homeland (Mavi Vatan)

    Did anyone see this?
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    Turkish Industry, Science and Technology

    7 companies in the Top 100. Nice.
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    Turkish Defence Industry Exports & Updates

    Can't sell that system without Russian approval afaik. I mean if we could sell it to the American, sat sat sat amk.
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    Featured Op-Ed:The Europeans and the U.S. want Greece to retreat despite Turkey’s provocations

    Nothing wrong with sharing something from the opposing side. It adds to the discussion.
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    Blue Homeland (Mavi Vatan)

    Greece made a mistake when they closed the deal with Egypt. Pissed Germany off, right when they wanted to mediate. Now Germany among other countries blocked any sanctions of the EU for the time being. Whether they do it to support us or because they want to mediate: Germany has always been one...

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