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    Shahed-136 - Tracking usage & expanding understanding.

    Welp ... :unsure: Atleast Ukrainians have free checkpoints to go out warm themselves for free, afterall Russians are hopefully considered enough to leave some extra fuel inside Shahed's tanks to burn a little longer in these crispy cold nights.
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    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    I believe Persian Gulf can be a source of power for Iranian ballistic missile force. Imageine you have underground missile city adjacent to to the gulf shores. But in this case you are not launching missiles from the land but rather jettison them horizontally in the containerized capsules which...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Does it have to be any source at all?!
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    Iranian government can ask Russia to freeze all western assets in the amount that west is holding Iranian assets including banking accounts. If west does not release Iranian assets then Iran can simply confiscate all western assets that are located in Russia.
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    Shahed-136 - Tracking usage & expanding understanding.

    Oh no, this wasn't personal, you got it all wrong. I was asking what emotion that image does trigger in you. The very fact that your kind worships fecal products of animals was expecting some positive feedback and instead I got very discomforted and negative response from you. Lets try this...
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    Shahed-136 - Tracking usage & expanding understanding.

    When you go to a shrink what does this image invoke in you?
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    Could Long-Range Iranian Missiles Be Next For Russia?

    Reminiscent of Zulfiqar or Fateh missile sound when impacting ground.
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    Shahed-136 - Tracking usage & expanding understanding.

    In the sky news video reporter mentions that police officers manage to shoot one drone out of the skies... I lost it there ...:omghaha: :omghaha::omghaha::omghaha:
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    Iranian Air Defense Systems

    Depends on the topography. If you elevate system high enough on some mountain peaks you can negate earths curvature to great extend.
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Construction as if a development process or production in numbers?
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Please fellow brethren! Lets have a minute of silence for this dude that is about to develop a potential non combat PTSD syndrome.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    This is rather indicative which I have pointed in the past a while ago. Iranian tech is treated as like a plant that can grow anywhere and what is tragic Iranian homegrown media outlets are unaware of some shit words and phrases they are throwing like eggs on some hated peasants.
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    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    Its a good concept but considering you will face an enemy with a potent naval ABM force such as AEGIS its rather questionable if this system can be effective. I lean more towards sea skimming stealth cruise missile variant of a torpedo carrier simply because it is way harder to detect. 1. Low...
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    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Man, when can we expect sea skimming stealth cruise missile torpedo carrier against ships?
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    I can't stress enough the lethality of Javelin as AT weapon or against infantry that is entrenched. Direct link with a low cost drone and well trained several Javelin teams can massacre entire battalion. Even direct line of sight is now needed when operating this weapon as long as you have a...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    What will they do when top attack javelin tandem warhead starts shitting on their heads?
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    Iran's Infrastructure projects...

    Bloody leftist :D
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    Made in Iran

    Thats plain gangsta move there :enjoy:

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