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  1. Saifullah Sani

    PAF establishes Aviation City at Aeronautical complex Kamra

    PAF playing critical role in war against terrorism: Ahsan Iqbal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said on Thursday that a strong air force and aerospace platform is imperative for a strong nation. Iqbal was speaking at the foundation-laying ceremony of Aviation City at...
  2. Saifullah Sani

    Imran Khan now what will you say?

    players who participated in PSL final in Lahore last year who were insulted by Imran Khan who called them "Phatechar"(or you can say "Trash") one of them Daved Milan from England lead his team to victory against South Africa he scored 78 runs on 44 balls and became Man of the Match.
  3. Saifullah Sani

    PTI | Imran Khan's Political Desk.

    :o:PTI's intra-party elections had saw a dismal voter turnout, with less than 10 per cent of it's registered 2.7 million voters choosing to cast a ballot in the elections. https://www.dawn.com/news/1341507/pti-announces-office-bearers-after-intra-party-elections
  4. Saifullah Sani

    Panama leak Case Proceedings - JIT Report, News, Updates And Discussion

    Panama JIT: Who leaked Hussain Nawaz’s picture? Umar Cheema On May 16, I received a call from the Joint Investigation Team set up to investigate Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children in connection with the Panama Papers probe. The letter had already been received requiring my appearance...
  5. Saifullah Sani

    Corruption Allegations against Rauf Klasra

    Two columns in Roznama Dunya Sunday attempted to clarify allegations of corruption against Rauf Klasra – one written by the anchor himself and the other by Haroon Rashid. In recent days Klasra (pictured) got involved in a bitter Twitter match with DawnNews’ journalist Mubasher Zaidi - one of...
  6. Saifullah Sani

    PTI boycotts Geo/Jang Group over 'biased coverage'

    you are praising a group who are beneficiary of NRO with Zardari in ARY GOLD CASE
  7. Saifullah Sani

    PTI boycotts Geo/Jang Group over 'biased coverage'

    Saleem Safi is belonged to KPK so he can. we know who married in JEWS 8-)
  8. Saifullah Sani

    Thanks to Democracy; PML (N) is likely to form government again

    you didn't learn the lesson even after 1971 :suicide::suicide2:
  9. Saifullah Sani

    Astola island declared Pakistan’s first marine protected area

    A large flock of greater crested terns at Astola island. The island is also known as Jezira Haft Talar (Island of the Seven Hills) because of the small, rocky mountains that stretch across the island. KARACHI: Astola island, a major biodiversity hotspot and the largest island along...
  10. Saifullah Sani

    Ghazal Marri Brother of Harbiyar Marri(Head of Banned BLA ) decided to return Pakistan

    ghazal marri brother of harbiyar marri(head of Banned BLA ) told Geo News that he decided to return Pakistan and he will face cases against him in court of Law. he also said that he will announce to cut all his ties with Banned terrorist group BLA...
  11. Saifullah Sani

    Paris didn't hold India, China accountable on CO2 emissions: White House

    The Paris climate pact did not hold countries like India and China accountable on greenhouse emissions, the White House has said as it defended President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the landmark accord. "As you know, China did not have to take any steps of compliance until 2030...
  12. Saifullah Sani

    Saudia, Bahrain, UAE & Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar

    Pakistan has no plans to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar: FO Pakistan has no immediate plans to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, Foreign Office spokesperson said on Monday. The country “has no such plans,” the spokesperson, Nafees Zakaria, said, following Monday’s surprise severing of ties with...
  13. Saifullah Sani

    US businessman pleads guilty to exporting prohibited items to Pakistan

    A US businessman has pleaded guilty to exporting products without a licence to atomic and space agencies in Pakistan, violating US federal laws. Imran Khan, 43, faces up to 20 years in prison. US Attorney for the District of Connecticut Deirdre Daly said that Khan, a resident of North Haven...
  14. Saifullah Sani

    No possibility of a limited war with Pakistan: Indian Army chief

    baba ji sathya gye hain :cuckoo::cuckoo::cuckoo:
  15. Saifullah Sani

    New Islamabad Airport Progress

    CAA acquiring land for third runway at Islamabad Airport The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is planning to acquire over 2,800 acres of additional land to build a third runway at the Islamabad International Airport scheduled to be operational by Aug 14 this year. According to a document...
  16. Saifullah Sani

    Punjab Food Authority Banned COLD DRINKS IN all Punjab SCHOOLS

    May 11, 2017 0 CommentPunjabFANewsNews Breaking News – Cold Drinks are banned in Schools لاہور 11 مئی: سکولوں میں کولڈ درنکس پرپابندی اور مشروبات میں مضر صحت رنگوں کے استعمال کا معاملہ پنجاب فوڈ اتھارٹی کی کولڈ ڈرنکس اور مشروب ساز کمپنیوں سمیت تمام سٹیک ہولڈرز سے ملاقات۔ سٹیک...

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