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  1. Cthulhu

    Suicide drones hit target 500km inside Iran

    A lot of copium, I see in this thread :rofl:
  2. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Yeah we are going extinct, Thank Allah for that
  3. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Nope LOL. The same thing that backs the IRR. ????? No it's determined by Iran's central bank using IRR. Yeah for everyday Iranians that's the reality.
  4. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    You are making it hard on yourself, Look up Iran's GDP at world bank's website. Calculating country's GDP by comparing it with another country?! That's new.
  5. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    The Nima rate follows the Iran's free market rate with a 10~15% difference, But now they've decided to fix the Nima exchange rate at 28500 so this exchange is not going to adjust for inflation anymore and using this exchange rate for converting between USD and IRR is going to lead to erroneous...
  6. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    غمگینم، مثل اون سایبری جاکشی که از پایگاه مقداد داره وانمود میکنه یه خارجیه که خارج از ایران زندگی میکنه خخخخ ببین اینا چقدر ریدن که مردم اینا رو به چپشون هم نمی گیرن که مجبورن از تو غرب زندگی کردن و خارجی بودن مایه بزارن و بیان حرفاشون رو در پوشش غربی بودن بزنن:omghaha: :omghaha: :omghaha:
  7. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Iran doesn't have a $2 Trillion economy and USDIRR exchange rate is 41000, Right now this exchange rate represents the reality.
  8. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    که "اپراتور تور به شما سلام می کند" ها؟ کس کش های مادرجنده
  9. Cthulhu

    Iranian Economy.....news and discussions

    Oh this chart again, Iran doesn't have a $2 trillion economy, This is just a conversion error.
  10. Cthulhu

    Iranian Protests

    We are running out of water, And i love it, Thank Allah for this 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
  11. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    با این قیمت دلار و تغییراتی که دارن تو دولت میدن مشخصه رئیسی هیچ برنامه ای نداشته و برنامه اینا هم دلا شدن تا کمر در برابر او اِس آ و امضا کردن همون برجام روحانی هست. دیوید دیوید او اِس آ
  12. Cthulhu

    Taliban bans university education for Afghan girls

    Talibs are a bunch of medieval terrorists, Through and through.
  13. Cthulhu

    Opinionated - On how to DELETE Israel

    Right click on it and select "Delete".
  14. Cthulhu

    Iran banning the morality police

    Well when you said "more than 1 month ago they removed the tableau in the front of the headquarter" you were talking about this right? You can read about it here, Nothing is changed.
  15. Cthulhu

    Iran banning the morality police

    No they did a little restructuring and made the morality police a subsidiary of the new "social safety police".
  16. Cthulhu

    Iran banning the morality police

    This is most likely fake news, I think they just changed it's name.
  17. Cthulhu

    Israel holds joint air drills with USA: simulating strikes on Iran and proxies

    If they are going to do it why they are anouncing it?
  18. Cthulhu

    Iranian Chill Thread

    الان متروی تهران چشه مشکل چی چیه؟

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