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    Pakistan to ‘drain the swamp’ of Taliban-linked militants in US-backed offensive

    I wouldn't generalize most people on this forum, but yeah there are many hypocrites sitting in the west like that.
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    Islamabad hits back at Indian minister’s remarks about Pakistan being ‘epicentre’ of terror

    Kind of lost the time to trash bhartis. Used to be fun back in the day but just can't find the time any more.
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    Islamabad hits back at Indian minister’s remarks about Pakistan being ‘epicentre’ of terror

    Indian narrative and opinion is not global narrative and opinion. Indians, including this minister, continue to pretend it is.
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    Pakistan War on Terror 2.0: Solutions?

    You guys (Indians) have a very overly simplistic and crude understanding of things. You largely have no idea what you are talking about. You guys try to make complex issues sound simple and blame them on Pakistan. Take a hike on these issues.
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    3 police personnel gunned down in Nowshera

    So did Pakistan help US or Afghan Taliban? Typical Indian producing fake news - much like how BJP IT cells are known to do.
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    Indian Army ready to execute orders on taking back Azad Kashmir, says top general

    How many times have Indians claimed that India is not a threat to Pakistan and has no interest in launching an invasion?
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    Why is INDIA so Dirty?

    Yes. There's not as much open defection, not as many open animals. Not saying Pakistan is clean, but people who visit both countries generally say Pakistan looks cleaner.
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    White supremacist rails against Indian and Pakistani immigration to the US

    Indians and their government are very good at PR and showing off without much substance. India has historic unemployment for young people, worse poverty than Pakistan, high inequality etc but if you listen to them you would think they have reached the level of Malaysia or something in terms of...
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    White supremacist rails against Indian and Pakistani immigration to the US

    But what will you do about 60+ years wait in getting GC from H1B? A disproportionate number of Indians living in the US are in that situation.
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    Two policemen martyred in Khyber district attack

    The last line is Indian logic, not Pakistani. India's ability to sponsor and support terrorism has greatly diminished. That's all there's to it. World does not work in black and white.
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    ISRO, IISc researchers develop a way to make bricks from Martian soil

    Isn't Martian soil made from Indian soil?
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    UK High Commissioner says that Bajwa resisted to escalate Kashmir Insurgency

    Clearly you have no idea what Airspace closure is meant for. Airspace was closed to avoid shooting passenger airliner from the sky. Your Airforce was more than welcome to try.
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    At least four security personnel martyred, over 15 injured in Sibi blast: police

    @INDIAPOSITIVE I have asked this before - shouldn't your username be 'INDIAPOSITIVE + PAKISTANNEGATIVE'?
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    Isolate Pakistan: Bill Gates Arrives in Pakistan

    For the first statement, the list looks the same. Pakistan now has stronger relationship with China and Russia and weaker with US, but the number of "allies and countries that stand with Pakistan" appears to be the same. You guys seriously have no idea of what being isolated means. For your...
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    Isolate Pakistan: Bill Gates Arrives in Pakistan

    How was west helping Pakistan and OIC financially and is not any more? Provide concrete examples. West has never been a great ally of Pakistan. In the Soviet war it was a convergence of interests. Besides that nothing much to speak of. Also, by west, you probably only mean US and not...
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    Pakistan’s ‘good Taliban-bad Taliban’ strategy backfires, posing regional risks

    India was the country to really make use of this 'good terrorist, bad terrorist's strategy by supporting Mukhti Bahni and later LTTE and Baloch terrorists. India should be the last one lecturing anyone.
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    European agency refuses to lift Pakistan flight curbs

    @INDIAPOSITIVE perhaps you should change username to 'INDIAPOSITIVE + PAKISTANNEGATIVE'.
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    Featured 10 soldiers martyred, 1militant killed and 3 apprehended when BLF attacked military check post in Balochistan's Kech district

    This may be true, however we should wait for it to be reported by a mainstream outlet. It is certainly big enough to get coverage from mainstream outlets.
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    Indians can now travel 60 countries visa-free ,India’s passport rank improves to 83 from 90

    Going through the list, it's mostly irrelevant places that people don't even know about.
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    TTP Chief Noor Wali Poisoned!

    Bet Doval didn't see that one coming.

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