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    Another expressway from Hanoi to the border with China is completed - The Van Don - Mong Cai expressway

    The Van Don - Mong Cai expressway, around 80 km, the last section of the Hanoi - Haiphong - Ha Long - Van Don - Mong Cai expressway, with total length of roughly 280 km, is finally completed after two years of construction. It makes the trip from Hanoi to Mong Cai, which border Dongxing town of...
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    Kostas Nguyen Van Lap, the only foreign-born hero of Vietnam's People Army, was buried in Vietnam according to his wish.

    There were many foreign-born fighters who joined Vietnam's People's Army during both anti=France and anti-American wars, including Japanese, North African (mostly Moroccan and Algerian) and European (not to mention many from Vietnam's neighbour countries of Laos, Cambodia, China and Thailand)...
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    Vietnam ranked fourth in 2022 International Math Olympiad

    Vietnam is ranked fourth in 2022 International Math Olympiad (IMO) after China, Korea and the US, with one member getting 42/42 mark.
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    54th year of Son My massacre anniversary

    Today is the 54th anniversary of Son My massacre, which occurred on 16 Mar 1968. In the morning of that day, 504 civilians, including 182 women, 173 children, 60 elderly and 89 middle-aged men were killed by US troops to revenge for their loss in another battle with Viet Cong...
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    Press freedom in the West

    From today, Google will ban RT and other Russian channels on Youtube in Europe. https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/youtube-block-channels-linked-russias-rt-sputnik-across-europe-2022-03-01/ RT is still working on Youtube here in Vietnam, at least for now. The ban seems to work only in Europe...
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    Hanoi, Vietnam is colder than Russia in winter

    Just a comparison for fun and relax. Do not take it seriously. The last strong cold wave of winter-spring 2022 will make Hanoi almost as cold as part of Russia for a brief period (I know Krasnodarskiy region is the warmest one in Russia) Weather forecast for Hanoi on 20 - 23 Feb 2022 (from...
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    Vietnam-China trade reached $230.2 billions (China customs) or $165.8 billions (Vietnam customs) in 2021

    According to China customs, Vietnam-China trade reached $230 billions with an increase of 19.7% compared to 2020. Meanwhile, as per Vietnam customs, the figure is 165.8 billions or 24.6% growth. China is the largest trade partner of Vietnam while Vietnam is the sixth largest trade partner of...
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    Joint drill of Vietnam - China military medical forces in Dec 2021

    The drill is being held in Mong Cai city, the border town between Vietnam Quang Ninh province and China Guangxi province, starting 10 Dec 2021.
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    Vietnamese Nanogen to transfer technology to produce Nanocovax in India

    Today, the Vietnam-based Nanogen signs a confidential agreement with Indian company Vekaria Healthcare LLP about transferring the technology for production and distribution of Nanocovax, a Covid-19 vaccine developed by Nanogen...
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    Vietnam launches first direct train to Belgium

    Today, Vietnam Railways launches the first container train to run directly between Vietnam and Belgium. The train consists of 23 40-feet container wagons. In first 6 months of 2021, railway freight volume imports increase by 7.9% compared to the same period of 2020 at Lao Cai crossing. At...
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    178 taiwanese died after receiving AstraZeneca (Hong Kong media)

    Various Vietnamese news sources quoted Hong Kong media, saying that by 24 June, at least 178 Taiwanese have died after receiving AstraZeneca. https://viettimes.vn/dai-loan-178-nguoi-tu-vong-sau-9-ngay-tiem-dai-tra-vaccine-post147310.html...
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    Heart touching song about the history of Palestine/Israel and the conflict

    The song explained in a simple way the history of the land of Palestine and the modern state of Israel. The singer looks like Indian. Vietnam and PLO under late President Yassser Arafat used to have very good relationship and numerous Palestinian students have been sent to Vietnam to study.
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    Vietnamese new minister of defence and Chinese partner meet in border town

    In today morning (24 Apr), two ministers of defence, General Phan Van Giang and General Wei Fenghe, meet in the border town of Dongxing (China), which border the town of Mong Cai (Vietnam). QUẢNG NINH — The sixth Việt Nam-China border defence friendship exchange took place in Dongxing city...
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    Germany consider to use Russian and Chinese vaccines

    The reason is not clear as per the Guardian article. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2021/feb/01/coronavirus-live-news-eu-wants-70-of-adults-vaccinated-by-end-of-summer-israel-extends-covid-lockdown However, as Germany is where Pfizer vaccine comes from, I doubt that the decision is...
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    Preparation for Vietnamese Communist Party Congress XIII - Today on VTV

    6000 police troops are in rehearsal today in Hanoi for protection of the coming Party Congress. The video can send a message to the US and its allies, as well as its lapdogs.
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    Cross the China-Vietnam border just for a coffee and hair wash

    The girl is beautiful. She crossed the border to Mong Cai city just for a coffee and hair wash. The border is between the city of Mong Cai (Quang Ninh province, Vietnam) and the city of Dong Hung, or Dongxing (Guangxi province, China), separated by a small river.
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    Difference between India and North Korea, seeing from train from their capitals, is enourmous.

    The first one is the view from train Pyongyang all the way to Dandong (China), taken around early 2020 (you can see the icy ground). The video was taken by a Russian tourist, I believe. The second video is the train from Delhi, taken around 2 months ago. The difference is un-imaginable...
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    The only time in history when Vietnam invaded China

    The Lý–Song War was a significant war fought between the Lý dynasty of Đại Việt and the Song dynasty of China between 1075 and 1077. The war began in 1075 when the Lý emperor ordered a preemptive invasion of the Song dynasty using more than 100,000 soldiers, where Đại Việt's forces defeated the...
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    World's biggest urban areas on both sides of the border (just around 20m apart)

    I think this is probably the world's biggest urban area at the border, which look like just one city, because the two are separated just by a small river of Ka Long (correct me if I am wrong) In the video, at 0:05 and 3:07, we can see the skylines of both cities: Dongxing (or Đông Hưng) in...
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    Vietnam want to sell 5G equipment to the US

    Vietnam Ministry of Telecommunication is working with the US government to find the way for Vietnam-made 5G equipment to be sold on American market. So the US trying to avoid equipment from a communist country, but open the market to another communist one. And the equipment are made by...

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