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  1. Laughing Buddha

    'Israeli troops open fire on Lebanon'

    Israeli troops have opened fire on Lebanon from two border posts across the Lebanese southern border, a Lebanese security source says. The machinegun fire came from Israeli positions near Shebaa Farms on the border between Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian land on Wednesday, dpa...
  2. Laughing Buddha

    India's major Deals in 2010 -2012

    India's major Deals in 2010 -2012 Defence MRCA 15 Billion Russia 16 Billion (Mki,FGFA,Figrates, Submarines, Carrier etc) Isreal 12 Billion (Electronic warefare, SAM,Phalcon, Drones etc ) USA 10 billion (Leavy lift aircarft, Artillery, missiles,Reco...
  3. Laughing Buddha

    Navy Submarines Deal - Rosoboronexport Offers Amur-1650 Class Submarines

    2010-11-30 The Indian Navy, which is planning to acquire six non-nuclear submarines in a deal expected to be in the range of USD 10-12 billion, has been offer the fourth generation Amur-1650 class submarines by Russia. The proposal from Russia may include transfer-of-technology and localized...
  4. Laughing Buddha

    South Korea military says artillery fired heard in North

    Nov 26 (Reuters) - South Korea's military said sounds of distant artillery fire were heard on Friday from within North Korea, but no shells landed in South Korean territory. A Reuters witness on Yeonpyeong island heard what he said sounded like artillery fire. (Reporting by Kim Do-gyun...
  5. Laughing Buddha

    $2 billion fifth generation Indian fighter program cleared

    India has reportedly cleared a fifth generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA)to be developed by 2017 whose total cost is estimated at $2bn. :yahoo: According to a news report in The Hindu newspaper, the Govt of India has released Rs. 100 crore($20 million) last month to the...
  6. Laughing Buddha

    Electronic warfare suite developed for MiG-27

    India has successfully tested the electronic warfare (EW) suite for MiG-27 fighter aircraft, to thwart any kind of enemy threats, said a senior official of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on Wednesday. The sophisticated version of MiG-27 fighters will be operational...
  7. Laughing Buddha

    Why India Can't Win 21st Century WAR

    India was a superpower already, “emerging” no doubt, but a superpower nevertheless. “Emerging” as in emerging market economy, which is a market economy though poor. And that India had to get used to being a superpower, and start behaving like one. Non-powers use their...
  8. Laughing Buddha

    Serpent of Sea for Indian Navy

    Even as the Indian Army (IA) and Indian Air Force (IAF) continue to grapple with problems in its modernising program, which is taking place at a snail’s pace, the Indian Navy (IN) continues to add new ships to its fleet. In the latest development, the navy has commissioned two indigenously...
  9. Laughing Buddha

    Indian Navy's New Fleet Tanker INS Deepak

    Please comment of this new ship and its capabilities... :victory::cheers::chilli::cheesy:
  10. Laughing Buddha

    F-35 Chief Fired, Money Withheld From Lockheed

    U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates fired the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program manager Feb. 1, saying someone must be held accountable for the program's delays and cost overruns. News of the dismissal of U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. David R. Heinz came at the beginning of a media briefing...

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