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    Maoists attracting youths with salary

    New Delhi: In an attempt to attract more unemployed youths into their armed fight, the Maoists have started shelling out Rs 3,000 to each of their cadre as salary and a cut of the extortion money. The strategy of the Maoist leadership to give monetary incentives to the cadres has led to many...
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    India launches campaign in China to push its IT sector

    BEIJING: India on Friday launched an aggressive campaign to showcase its IT prowess in China to woo local companies in order to bridge the trade imbalance between the two nations. Officials of over 300 top-end Chinese companies, including that of government-owned undertakings, today attended...
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    India to test Dhanush, Prithvi-2 missiles tomorrow

    Nuclear-capable Dhanush and Prithvi-2 missile tests are likely to be conducted on Saturday, defence sources said in Balasore. "Agni-1, surface-to-surface single stage missile with 700 km range, will be taken up for test on Sunday," sources said, adding that Defence Research Development...
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    China to ship 18 trains for Mumbai Metro

    BEIJING: China is set to dispatch 18 high-tech metro trains to Mumbai's new subway network under a USD 110 million contract and the rails would be ready for operation after their trial run in India's financial hub. The subway trains rolled off the production line on March 20 and would take a...
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    26 years on, Zia to be stripped of 'prez' title

    ISLAMABAD: Twenty-two years after his death in a mysterious plane crash, late Pakistan strongman Zia-ul-Haq faces his presidency being blotted out from history books when a constitutional amendment package is passed by lawmakers this week. Under the bill to be tabled in parliament, Zia will be...
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    Serious resentment brewing among Chinese as rich become richer: Survey

    BEIJING: The rich have got a lot richer in China during the financial crisis. This has fueled strong resentment among ordinary Chinese, who feel official nepotism and corruption is making some people extremely rich. These are the outcome of recent studies by five different organizations, two...

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