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    India will never be as successful as China in economy

    China's growth will slow down, and India will keep growing, it probably be 50-100 years by when an equilibrium will come. Both India and China are playing the long-term game. India is designed around ensuring we don't disintegrate, hence the slow collaboration govt model. India will keep...
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    India Is Running Out of Weapons to Deter China Due to Modi Order

    Selective blindness is not good, you liked the Bloomberg article about India and Modi. Here are few other Bloomberg articles, enjoy. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-24/hacked-police-data-shows-ethnic-abuse-in-china-s-xinjiang-camps...
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    Mullah minister announces boycott of polio vaccination

    Let's just be happy that the vaccine didn't dumb you down, you are 100% natural.
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    Is India Headed for a War With China?

    I'm in no way pro-Modi, but our problems predate him. Very curious to learn, wasn't China also different kingdoms?
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    Is India Headed for a War With China?

    When will my friends realise he isn't talking about just India? He is talking about all of us in south-east Asia poulation (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc) Dude had we not been partitioned you would have had no chance to even occupy the Tibetan plateau. Had Muslims and Hindus figured...
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    Hindutva Indian Companies slowly destroying lives in Bangladesh

    Just change the brands to Bangladesh/ Indonesia /Turkey and Replace Hindu with Islam. And you yourself will realise this is Islamophobia; you hate a specific religion and your post is showcasing it. This is Hinduphobia! Let's not promote hatred toward any specific religion, this is what's...
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    Apple's vendors create 30,000 new jobs under PLI scheme in India

    Small steps at a time, we won't become an electronics manufacturing superpower overnight. You start assembling stuff and slowly move up in the value chain. China has done it for decades, they are still trying to get fab skills. We have done similarly in many industries like auto; a few decades...
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    Mission Brief : One JF-17 Had Eight SU-30s in Sight !

    I heard lot of Indians and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are friends when in the West, is it not true?
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    Did Chinese Just Signal Their Preference in PAK Politics? And Response of Establishment

    Few interesting articles you might like: As China's influence raises, the Chinese government has been trying to control and monitor the ethnic Chinese living and studying in Australia, and to influence Australian politicians via political donors, which causes serious concern to Australia's...
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    Did Chinese Just Signal Their Preference in PAK Politics? And Response of Establishment

    Basically, you are saying Pakistan has to tow the China line because of India?
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    India again asks China to withdraw troops from friction points

    Why do you think they do these talks?
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    Interesting, why were there Hindu feudal classes in Bengal but predominantly Muslim feudal classes in Punjab? Ahh, I see. Unfortunately, my great grandparents didn't move till almost the last moment, they suffered a lot of loss wrt lives and money. The next generation had to start from scratch...
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    How a kind Indian doctor saved a Pakistani teen's life

    Well I disagree, no one can say for sure as we all suffer from confirmation bias. Mumbai isn't the most diverse city in India, also it doesn't represent a good sample of India.
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    In historic decision, India opens opium market to private players

    Exactly as we are much slower than China, most probably due to low investment in Industry and more on services. To catch up we need to sustain a 10%+ growth rate for a long period of time (5-6 years).
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    In historic decision, India opens opium market to private players

    Actually, it's just that you guys liberalised your economy a lot earlier, nothing happened due to a specific type of government. Many examples of countries doing well and worse in each type of governance model.
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    India's Forex Reserves Fall As Foreign Investors Head For The Exits

    It's funny how people find ways to confirm their bias using data, the same economic data but some Chinese and few Muslim country folks see India defaulting Indians see it as all stable. If you guys are so sure of what's gonna happen why don't you open a position in the market and bet with...
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    Fate of Pakistan in Punjab's hands once again

    Good to know, please answer other questions too. I think there are a few things India did well wrt to this, they made states smaller, which improved governance and reduced regionalism. Out of Indian Punjab came Haryana and Himachal, many more examples happened to almost all the states, was it...
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    How a kind Indian doctor saved a Pakistani teen's life

    You are wrong! Most people hated the appeasement of Muslim politics. They hated the idea that they feel like second-class citizens in a country where they are majority. The mishandling of the Kashmir issue. Why most temples are under GOI when the Churches and Madarsa are not? Why there was...
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    Iran ranks 2nd in the world in mathematics after adjusting for population and GDP.

    Religious zealots will not understand this, leave him. There is not much difference between them and people who say bad things about Islam. Their god is hate and hatred is their religion. They will mock gods of other religions but will be very hurt if anything is said about their Prophet. We...
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    How a kind Indian doctor saved a Pakistani teen's life

    Ignorant people are the enemy, people who hate others just for their religion are the true enemy of India. Do you hate APJ Kalam too?

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