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    CPEC was slowed down by General Bajwa - Moeed Pirzada

    Believe it or not our leader as well take inspiration from india in running the country to some extent look at india the modi regime puts all the blame on previous congress for every bad thing happens in the country with media in its pocket while warming the chair doing nothing same thing is...
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    Leaked audio of Shaukat Tareen

    You are expecting to much from cult followers..........
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    Saudi manufactured and developed cruise missile (land-sea) and (land-to-ground)

    I think you shouldn't be replying or entertaining such delusional idiots living in a small world created in their tiny minds or perhaps one of rafdhis ehi generally hate arabs... We pakistanis always consider arabs specially ksa and gcc as our second home....
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    Dollar now hitting 221 rupees

    This lot cant learn or try to understand the situation when you use logic on blunders of khan you ll become patwari the very same moment. This is exactly blind worshipping now nawaz and co will do the same what khan did and we pakistanis will have to face the heat.
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    PM Shehbaz to announce 'biggest relief package' for people of Pakistan soon: Maryam Nawaz

    Please stop embarrassing yourself، some went too far like literally worshipping IK, the more you reason with them the worst it will get in the form of abuses name calling they want to burn down entire pakistan its army etc if only IK is not the pm nothing logical works with them.

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