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  1. LaBong

    Secular Dhimmis of Bengal

    There's a thread created by an Indian member with the same name, but it looks like the thread is deleted. I'm not sure why, is it because Moderators found the thread to be offensive to Bengalis? As a Bengali I was also offended by the thread title, however I believe right to free speech is...
  2. LaBong

    AIB Apology. Minority appeasement or a precedent?

    In an earlier post, we had mentioned that some of the first people to raise their voices against the AIB roast were a Hindu group and a Christian group. They were followed by many other people eventually but the floodgates opened from there. Today, AIB declared that they had met the Archdiocese...
  3. LaBong

    Kolkata tops Indian cities in public transport: Study

    Its trams might be the slowest mode of commuting, but when it comes to public transport, Kolkata is regarded the most progressive city in the country, according to a new study. The study of 84 cities across the world titled 'Future of Urban Mobility 2.0', ranks Kolkata at 31-highest among the...
  4. LaBong

    India should act like a big neighbour: Jamaat leader

    From the fourth floor of a house in Dhaka's Dhanmondi locality, the Jamaat-e-Islami Tuesday opened doors for communication with India, even as its activists lead violent protests across the country over their leader Abdul Quader Mollah's execution last week. Abdur Razzak, the only public face...
  5. LaBong

    Can't visit last page of the thread

    Can't seem to open last page of the following thread. :/ http://www.defence.pk/forums/members-club/283403-dhaka-v-s-kolkata-20.html
  6. LaBong

    Got married!

    So I finally decided to tie the knot with my fiancé. We have been dating for last three years and no strangers to each other. It was typical Indian wedding, very extravagant and all. Everyone enjoyed and I was broke. Had to lend money from my sister for even more extravagant holiday trip (god...
  7. LaBong

    Bangladesh Islamists rally for blasphemy law

    Dhaka, Bangladesh (CNN) -- Tens of thousands of radical Muslims marched toward the capital on Saturday to demand laws to target bloggers they said denigrated Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. The bloggers initiated a recent sit-in at Shahbagh Square demanding the death penalty for people involved...
  8. LaBong

    Karbala and how Lahore is was involved

    Karbala and how Lahore was involved | DAWN.COM Majid Sheikh | 2 days ago A Muharram procession in Lahore, Pakistan.—File Photo IN our school and college days we all loved to assist friends set up ‘sabeels’ alongside Lahore`s traditional ‘Ashura’ procession, providing cold drinks to the...
  9. LaBong

    Defaut Style Layout

    Hi, Can we get the default VBulletin style layout as an option as well with PDF2.0 and mobile style. The current layout wastes lot of space on both sides and fonts appear too small in my high resolution PC. :(
  10. LaBong

    India donates $200,000 for riot-hit in Myanmar’s Rakhine state

    NEW DELHI: India has finally reacted to the violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state by handing over $ 200,000 to the state administration for the riot-affected people. Government sources here said that the money, which was handed over to Rakhine chief minister U Hla Maung Tin by Indian ambassador V...
  11. LaBong

    Defence.pk is blocked?

    Is it just me or has D O T blocked defence.pk? I'm getting "this URL is blocked by D O T" message while trying to open in mobile, I'll post a screenshot once I figure out the way to take screenshot from mobile. I'm browsing in office now which is routed through United States ISP, which is...
  12. LaBong

    Physicist with pillow power

    New Delhi, Aug. 1: For Kasturie, a 15-year-old Class XI student in Allahabad, “Ashoke uncle” remains the guy who used to play ferocious pillow fights with her, likes to dance to Dandiya tunes and whose fried fish is as tasty as neem-baingun. For scientific circles, Ashoke Sen is...
  13. LaBong

    West Bengal will take care of Assam riot refugees: Mamata Banerjee

    BOLPUR (WB): West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Moday said her government would take the "best care" of refugees who had crossed over to the state from Assam following the ethnic violence there. "Refugees have crossed over to West Bengal from Assam since riots broke out at Kokrajhar...
  14. LaBong

    Rohingyas changing Teknaf demography!

    Many of the local people in the Teknaf-Cox’s Bazar border belt are worried about the ongoing demographic changes taking place in the country’s southeast corner as there is no mechanism to check population boom among the Rohingyas floating in from Myanmar. The Bangladeshi nationals who were...
  15. LaBong

    Where is "New Check" style?

    It seems "New Check" style is removed from quick style drop down at bottom. Now I can only select PDF 1.0 or mobile style. Please add the default Vbulletin style as well as it's more easy on eyes. Thanks.
  16. LaBong


    A sentiment often encountered online, from Indians of course, is that Bangladesh is somehow undeserving of Test status and that it was a conspiracy of the BCCI that led to them getting their place at the big boy’s table. This sentiment, needless to say, offends my sentiments. Dictating...
  17. LaBong

    The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Salman Rushdie & India's new theocracy

    India's secular state is in a state of slow-motion collapse. The contours of a new theocratic dystopia are already evident. In 300CE, the historian and cleric, Eusebius, fearfully recorded the rise of a new “demon-inspired heresy.” “From innumerable long-extinct blasphemous heresies,” he...
  18. LaBong

    What the Heck?

    This is what I see when I open defence.pk from mobile. Help.
  19. LaBong

    Messiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gonna watch Argentina vs Venezuela today in YBK!! Drool on you suckers!! :taz:
  20. LaBong

    The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Bangladesh: restoring secular Constitution

    Two Supreme Court verdicts declaring the controversial fifth and eighths amendments void have brightened the scope for a meaningful constitutional change. For the first time after 1975, Bangladesh has got the opportunity to correct calculated distortions to its original Constitution framed in...

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