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  1. indianpatriot

    Who Killed Zia ul-Haq?

    India did ! Indian did :chilli::chilli:
  2. indianpatriot

    Indian Economy-News & Updates

    Isn't Indian Oil Corporation a bigger group?????????
  3. indianpatriot

    The West Is Terrified Of Arabic Democracies

    worlds first democracy happened in India in 650BC!!!though it was not purely electoral... History of Democracy
  4. indianpatriot

    Bangladeshi TV channels blocked in India

    because they know that Indians don't watch crap...Pakistani channels are entertaining because they have nicer presentation and congenial cultural andmusical aspects. ---------- Post added at 02:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:02 PM ---------- red doesn't go very well with green....
  5. indianpatriot

    China and India: Related yet Different Civilizations

    too long for low iq indian mind, pls highlight.
  6. indianpatriot

    China´s massacre in Spratly islands

    India should stay away from such mess as this will add to the recipe of WW3.
  7. indianpatriot

    Dhaka decries equal gay rights

    lets see when you son turns out to be gay!!!!!!
  8. indianpatriot

    Coke Studio Season 4

    its a big bore.:coffee:
  9. indianpatriot

    67+ Active Separatist Movements in Different States of India

    I want to separate out from the evil government of india...where can i register....???
  10. indianpatriot

    Many rich Chinese are emigrating

    for Indian..if we become richenough we go back to India and open a dhanda.
  11. indianpatriot

    Karachi Under Fire, 14 killed

    where the hell is government and military????
  12. indianpatriot

    World Top 10 - Oil Reserves Countries

    sum1 is forgetting RUSSIA
  13. indianpatriot

    Pictures From Kochi Shipyard !!!

    its a simple oil cargo ship.
  14. indianpatriot

    Minor raped and hanged in Indian police station

    for me the best punishment for them is to castrate them.
  15. indianpatriot

    Geelani placed under house arrest in J&K

    you mean Yusuf Raza Geelani???????? lol
  16. indianpatriot

    RSS man arrested for attack in Nagpur

    the only RSS I know is the internet one.
  17. indianpatriot

    Energy Poverty: India's Best Kept Secret

    agree...lets hope it is solved soon!

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