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  1. Mr Iran Eye

    New Iranian year will be that of military achievements (Minister of Defense)

    Iranian Defense Minister General Amir Hatami denounces the United States’s long-standing plan to wipe out Iran’s defensive deterrence. "The United States continues its project of" maximum pressure "on the Iranian economy and the purchasing power of the Iranians in order to lead them to turn...
  2. Mr Iran Eye

    Army challenges USA

    Hello american troll hiding their fear of Iran:usflag::welcome::yahoo::victory::raise::undecided: "We do not invite our enemies to war, but if they doubted the performance of our weapons, they could put them to the test to find out the results," the commander in chief said on Saturday. Iranian...
  3. Mr Iran Eye

    Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in defending itself: Top general

    Exactly !! Iran no longer needs to buy arms abroad, money is better spent on self-sufficiency technology. And we have never seen their secret weapons that will be revealed in time of war...

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