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  1. Osama Ali_16

    “Geostrategic Importance of Asia Pacific Region”

    Introduction: The region of Asia Pacific does not contain a single Asian identity but it is an incredibly dynamic and a diverse region. There are approximately 50 countries and each country has their own cultural, political,economical, environmental and religious landscapes. Each country's...
  2. Osama Ali_16

    “Foreign Interventions In Balochistan; Implications on Pakistan”

    : Table 1: Foreign interventions in Balochistan It is fundamental to have an analytic overview of the geographical location of Balochistan in order to study the causes and purposes of foreign interventions in the region. The region of Balochistan is located in South-West of Pakistan which...
  3. Osama Ali_16

    Shahid Afridi Performance

    Yesterday Shahid Afridi did a press conference in which he pleased the Indian media. He says, "We get love from India such love we never get from even Pakistan" Today the same Afridi who had alot of fans is getting cursed by everyone. The Pakistani player brought a great shame to Pakistan as...
  4. Osama Ali_16


    Pakistan team is getting protocol like a prime minister in India. This sounds good but it isn't favourable for Pakistan team going India to play as India doesnt want to welcome the guests + Pakistan shouldn't go like "MaN na man mei tera mehmaan" Secondly after their previous defeat nobody...
  5. Osama Ali_16


    Check out India! And its clever venemous prime ministers evil plans, He in directly challenges Pakistan! And warns that the same would happen that happened at Myanmar .... WoW!!! Much Wow! Sorry but here dont take me sarcastic but i say generally that if India was brave enough, it could have...
  6. Osama Ali_16

    Deadly Incident in Karachi

    Strongly condemn the deadly terrorist attackwith condolences to the families of the martyred ones. May Allah punish the terrorist and not let them cast shadow in our homeland :( @ Gen Raheel we are with u
  7. Osama Ali_16

    Malala and the Nobel Award

    By Osama Ali Who is Malala? Why is she popular? Why is she getting awards and invitations from the famous heads? There are questions raised everytime we talk about the girl from fata named "Malala Yusuf Zai" , who wrote a letter to the terrorist group inside Pakistan (Pakistan tehreek e Taliban)...
  8. Osama Ali_16

    Why is Malala soo special for America?

    Breaking News everyone! Malala gets another nobel award! Many people from Pakistan are very proud to have a Pakistani to achieve such a great award but the others are extremely discontented . Malala Yusuf Zai has previously received many awards from many well known personalities. But the main...
  9. Osama Ali_16

    A suggestion to Administration

    Please @WebMaster plz do post a thread including the prospects of pdf and announcement of all rules and implementations on pdf .And also post a thread giving the ranking of the best top10 members of pdf every year. Just to make the thing interesting. Thanks, Osama Ali
  10. Osama Ali_16

    PDF Forum benefits and prospects

    By: Osama Ali Asalamuilaikum and hello to all PDF ( Pakistan Defence Forum) members,administrators,PDF think tank analysts, Moderators etc. Enough of my political, suggestive and provocative content which i think is quiet boring when it is done usually. But today i am with something...
  11. Osama Ali_16

    Truth about Nawaz Sharif

    By: Osama Ali Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a well known, rich and one of the most corrupt leaders inside Pakistan. His sons and he too is involved in the unsolved cases of money laundering. In 1993 Nawaz Sharif became the PM of Pakistan first time in his life and...
  12. Osama Ali_16

    Truth about Nawaz Sharif

    By: Osama Ali Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a well known, rich and one of the most corrupt leaders inside Pakistan. His sons and he too is involved in the unsolved cases of money laundering. In 1993 Nawaz Sharif became the PM of Pakistan first time in his life and...
  13. Osama Ali_16

    Coward Indian Media

    By Osama Ali: It is my question to all that why does Indian media first of all call the Pakistanis to an interview to their show???? And when they call to their show they question them and when they answer they start interrupting like coward donkeys! What non sense?? They interrupt as if they...
  14. Osama Ali_16

    Al Qaeda Claims Responsilbility of murder of ISI Brigadier

    By:Osama Ali It is extremely sad to hear that a coward action taken by the terrorists of Al-Qaeda killed an ISI Brigadier Zahoor Fazal Qadri. We pray that May Allah enter him in Paradise of Firdoos and may his soul Rest In Peace. No terrorist in Pakistan will be spared action will be taken...
  15. Osama Ali_16

    Pakistan Armys Memorial Engagements

    By Osama Ali: Pakistan Army is one the the top ten military forces of the world with magnificent and influential career. America the rich country too had claimed that Pakistan Army has great tactics, capabilities and is in competition to the British and American Army. Let me revise you some of...
  16. Osama Ali_16

    Azadi March Islamabad Report

    By:Osama Ali Dated 20th September 2014, PTI chairmen IK burned his bill with his own hands. The moment was exciting and awesome. Their were crowd cheers and excitement. This shows IKs fulfillment of the promise he did a day before yesterday. In the rally whatever IK made allegations #fulfilled...
  17. Osama Ali_16

    Story Of a Martyred Pak Armys Soldier

    "I ill fight for my country mama; i ill kill all bad people who hurt little children , i ill just be like baba " Junaid proclaimed lying on his mothers arms. "Yes u will my little angel" said the mother. "And What exactly is ur motivation for joining Army"? The interviewer enquired...
  18. Osama Ali_16


    hahahahah Guys watch the video of Rehman Malik and PMLN person being kicked out of flight. It is said by senior journalists that once the people stand against these corrupt and coward lizzards especially when VIP protocols are provided to them they start to flee away like angry birds! :D So the...
  19. Osama Ali_16


    The whole nation celebrate a nice and cheerful go nawaz go day! Do not forget saying "Go Nawaz Go" on anything special or embarrasing . Let me give u some examples, while farting, while studying, while getting up on morning , while praying, while eating, while conquering etc But i tell u the...
  20. Osama Ali_16

    PMA Courses after Selection to Pak Army

    PAKISTAN MILITARY ACADEMY Historical Background The Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) was established at Kakul in October 1947 soon after the creation of Pakistan . On 25th January 1948 , “The First Pakistan Battalion” was instituted. Its companies were named after the luminaries of Muslim...

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