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    Saulat Mirza's Wife Speaks out - Shahzaib Khanzada show

    Still have doubts about Sulat Mirza Video show continues Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Sath (Saulat Mirza's Wife Special Interview, Shocking Revelations) – 30th March 2015
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    exclusive footage of Nine Zero raid only in Khara Sach Like

    Those who are supporting MQM and claim Raid on 90 was rangers conspiracy, please watch Latest Khara Sach....Think like a Pakistani and then decide Watch exclusive footage of Nine Zero raid only in Khara Sach - Videos ARY NEWS Listen to whom Amir Khan named in his confessional statement -...
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    Junaid Jamsheed being charged with Blasphemy !!!!

    Just heard it on Jazz FM Toronto that Junaid Jamsheed is charged for Blasphemy for his remarks about Hazrad Ayesha in one of his Videos...any truth to it?
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    Is PDF helping bring people of Pakistan and India Closer

    Before joining PDF I had no interaction with Indian people to this extent, I will occasionally meet some indian and say hi hello and thats about it. Although I didnt like Indians but did not hate them either. But after joining PDF I have come to know the real Indianity of these people and now I...
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    I am sick of Pakistan/India who is better fight

    Hi folks I have only been here for few months and this is the first thread that I have opened up. I have noticed only in few months that 90% of posts here are India Vs. Pakistan, Endless posts without any results. So, if you are sick of it like me, join me to say "we are no more interested in...

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