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    General Bajwa Wanted to Remove Imran Khan in Year 2019: Najam Sethi

    yes and Bajwa removed Imran thinking hawa us taraf nehe hay....problem is no one had ever seen hawa and until a cold chill hits your balls you dont know...Bajwa sure found out how hawa hits you LMAO
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    Featured Project Azm: Pakistan's Ambitious Quest to Develop 5th Generation Military Technologies.

    Yes we follow US blindly and claim other's tech as their own.
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    Indonesia set to penalise sex outside marriage in overhaul of criminal code

    Lets send all "Meri pussy (cat), Meri marzi" aunties to Indonesia.
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    Apple Makes Plans to Move Production Out of China

    This is the 5th time in last 10 years when Apple is going to move out of China, Apple wants to keep short memory trailer park community in the US happy. I am not sure if i will be alive next year but I am sure Apple will announce this again next year.
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    General Bajwa Wanted to Remove Imran Khan in Year 2019: Najam Sethi

    Imran was in politics when Bajwa was being rear ended by his superior
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    General Bajwa Wanted to Remove Imran Khan in Year 2019: Najam Sethi

    Bajwa ne in sub kutoon ko pala tha, now they will all bite his a$$ Is time to sit back and enjoy
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    Yoam-e-Nijat from Bajwa

    Its actually the jahil awam this time whose criticism/humiliation on social media caused his exit as it caused intense resistance from within the army ranks. Even people like me who never spoke against army raised voice against this disgraced General. Lets hope future Generals will learn from...
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    Pakistani Flag in Qatar

    When your own generals are f'ing your country, seeing Pakistani flag outside Pakistan gets people this excited.
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    Afghan defence minister Mullah Yaqoob refuses to meet Khar?

    Tu khar Fazlu kuttey se mil le, yeh tharky her time aurat se milny ko ready hay
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    Fazl ur Rahman, have no words to describe this filthy person ..

    - Short Bona - fat - face ugly like a pig - his thoughts uglier than his face, if possible.
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    Ex-Pakistani minister Ch. Fawad Hussain clarifies Pakistan will end India as whole’ over Azad Kashmir remark

    Let me know if you can see what is between brackets ( ) give up? Its India's balls, no one can see it
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    Lt. General Azhar Abbas to take early retirement

    Peers dont retire but the seniors who have been superseded. This current retirement is unprecedented.
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    Loss of East Pakistan is not a military, but a political failure: Pakistan's outgoing army chief

    Sharam hum ko magar nehe aaty. Future Army leadership will blame current fiasco on PDM, If you are left with no shame then there is nothing one can do.
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    Lt. General Azhar Abbas to take early retirement

    two senior most were selected, no junior was
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    According to IK, Bajwa asked Imran for same amendments in NAB as was later done by PDM.
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    Pakistan Army to keep its distance from politics: Bajwa

    O bus ker bhootny ke, qaum ko chutia samjha hay iis BC ne
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    Nawaz Family is out of UK for next 10 day

    Nus gye jye
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    Who Pakistan picks as army chief matters far beyond its borders

    Is based on how much of country he is willing to sell for some Islands or farm houses in the western countries.

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