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  1. Puchtoon

    Election is already won

    This is my last post before going offline for month/s(studies) BY NDTV Reporter Ravish चुनाव तो हो चुका है । लोगों के बीच घूमने से पता चलता है कि हवा का रुख़ क्या है । अब लगभग यह स्थापित होता जा रहा है कि नरेंद्र मोदी के प्रधानमंत्री बनने में रूकावट नहीं है । जिन लोगों ने फ़ैसला कर लिया...
  2. Puchtoon

    Why MOST IMPORTANT thing for india is GROWTH

    Tackling poverty - Livemint India’s path from poverty to empowerment February 2014 | byRajat Gupta, Shirish Sankhe, Richard Dobbs, Jonathan Woetzel, Anu Madgavkar, and Ashwin Hasyagar Download download>executive_summary>main_nav">Executive Summary PDF–1MB...
  3. Puchtoon

    Pakistan terrorist planning suicide attacks at election rallies

    Saurabh Shukla | Mail Today | New Delhi, February 19, 2014 | UPDATED 12:29 IST India Y2K terror bug won't go away. Maulana Masood Azhar, one of the three terrorists released by India on the last day of 1999 to end the Kandahar hijack, is back in action. A flurry of intelligence reports...
  4. Puchtoon

    'Anti-Muslim' Indian leader 'hated' in Pakistan

    Narendra Modi may become India's next prime minister. But how is the Hindu nationalist leader viewed in neighboring Pakistan? DW examines how his rise to power could impact the already volatile Indo-Pakistani relations. "Modi is a monster. He is responsible for the killings of thousands of...
  5. Puchtoon

    Right way to create telangana?

    Lok sabha Telecast blocked.....Bill for telangana returned w/o passing by andhra assembly...no consensus ,is this the way to pass a bill? You may agree with telangana formation or not ,but should this be the precedent ? Please discuss !:-) P.S i'm a bjp/modi supporter but i don't support...
  6. Puchtoon

    Kejriwal's Vision For India-From What he says in his book 'Swaraj'

    I've read the book swaraj(self rule) and i must say it has helped me to shred of many of my doubts .Now i don't believe Mr kejriwal is a communist or anything else.:-) His intentions and the problems he says india faces are VALID :agree: ,what solution he proposes(w/o judging them myself) can...
  7. Puchtoon

    Opinion poll Study by puchtoon

    Hi,Since many were criticizing old opinion polls which went horribly wrong in 2004 elections, so i did a study with recent assembly in 4 Northern states and here are my results Remember in polls what pollster get is only Voteshare(VS) and seat conversion is different thing. Margin of...
  8. Puchtoon

    Suicide attempt in loksabha ?

  9. Puchtoon

    Why Indians hate money ?

    I was watching some show some months back and in that show prasoon joshi said something that made an impact on me to seriously think about,He said Indians hate money psychology although they may not say it in open. He says look the the songs we love "tu paisa paisa karti he..." etc ,look at the...
  10. Puchtoon

    Pakistan Taliban Has 500 Female Suicide Bombers, Cleric Says

    The Pakistani Taliban has as many as 500 female suicide bombers ready to act, a representative of the group involved in peace negotiations said, underscoring the risk of further violence if talks fail. The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan -- known as the Pakistani Taliban, or TTP -- sees no urgency to...
  11. Puchtoon

    Congress-ruled states rank top in communal violence :GOI data

    The Congress has always found it convenient to attack the BJP for spreading communal hatred in the country, but the Union Home Ministry's latest data on communal violence is embarrassing for the Grand Old Party. A look at the Union Home Ministry's data reveals that there is not much difference...
  12. Puchtoon

    Unemployment Rate in Indian States:Guj and BJP ruled states best;Cong Rule Worst

    As the Congress Party goes all out to woo the youth voter in the forthcoming general elections, the government’s own statistics department has put out figures that could make it, well, wince. Detailed tables in the National Sample Survey Organisation’s (NSSO's) Employment and Unemployment...
  13. Puchtoon

    Congressman involved in gujrat riots 2002

    NEW DELHI: The Congress has been going to town over Best Bakery and other instances of the Narendra Modi government's complicity in the anti-Muslim violence which shook Gujarat last year. But when it comes to the involvement of its own party cadre in the killings, 10 Janpath maintains a...
  14. Puchtoon

    TIME BOMB:UPA leaving Rs 1,50,000-Rs 2,50,000 crore/year debt to be repayed for 5+years

    What kind of problems will the next government face once it takes over in May 2014? There is, of course, the aftermath of the growth slowdown, high inflation, rising subsidies, and unpaid bills from UPA-2 (fuel and fertiliser subsidies, and new ones under the Food Security Bill) to deal with...
  15. Puchtoon

    UPA’s legacy: Honey, I shrunk the jobs market 25%

    As the UPA prepares to leave office over the next three-four months, it will be leaving behind not only a decelerating economy with untamed inflation and weak government finances, but one that will be unable to produce jobs in the quantities required over the next five years. According to a...
  16. Puchtoon

    Ask anything to Rahul gandhi

    Ask Rahul Anything!
  17. Puchtoon

    Congress MP to immolate himself is electricity prices are not cut down

    :D :D looks like sholay scene in aap's nayak 2 :P
  18. Puchtoon

    Renewable energy projects worth Rs 30,000 crore being implemented in Madhya Pradesh

    NEW DELHI: Renewable energy projects worth Rs 30,000 crore are being implemented in Madhya Pradesh, which have quietly reached out to companies and attracted GE, Reliance Power, Spanish wind major Gamesa and others, giving tough competition to Gujarat in the sector. The buzz of activity has...
  19. Puchtoon

    Homeless deaths seem unending in Delhi, toll reaches 174

    With another homeless person found dead in Kashmere Gate area on Wednesday, the toll of destitutes shivering to death across the city has reached 174 since January 1.The government is yet to come up with a policy to protect them. Earlier this month, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had promised...

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