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  1. Peaceful Civilian

    Leaked video, Violent PTM attacking check posts

    Now, who says PTM is non violent ?
  2. Peaceful Civilian

    Imran Khan surprise visit to police station

    Prime Minister Imran khan paid surprise visit to talagang police station.
  3. Peaceful Civilian

    Gallup Survey: Punjab CM Usman Buzdar outperforms all other Chief Ministers

    Gallup Survey: Punjab CM Usman Buzdar outperforms all other Chief Ministers The survey was conducted by Gallup on the holistic performance of all chief ministers According to survey, 37% respondents had a positive opinion about the performance of Punjab’s Chief Minister in the previous...
  4. Peaceful Civilian

    Mufti Popalzai rejects Ruet-e-Hilal’s decision, says Ramzan to start tomorrow

    PESHAWAR: Mufti Shahabuddin Popalzai, a controversial cleric from Peshawar's historic Masjid Qasim Ali Khan, has once again divided the nation by declaring that the holy month of Ramzan will start on Monday – hours after state's central moon sighting committee declared that no crescent sighting...
  5. Peaceful Civilian

    Apple Watch Series 4 packs larger displays and EKG sensor

    The new smartwatch is set to bring a series of new features to your wrist and a 30 percent larger screen. If your heart's beating faster, the new Apple Watch Series 4 will be able to tell. The latest Apple Watch packs several new features, with the most obvious change on its surface: a...
  6. Peaceful Civilian

    Gujarat civic polls results: Congress faces severe defeat

    Ahmedabad: BJP has registered yet another massive win! After shinning in the Maharashtra civic polls on Monday, BJP on Tuesday won the municipal and district panchayat elections in PM Narendra Modi's home-state Gujarat. Details of results BJP swept local bodies elections by capturing 107...
  7. Peaceful Civilian

    Sheikh Rashid gets notice to evacuate 'part of Lal Havelli'

    RAWALPINDI: Sheikh Rashid on Wednesday said that he received a notice from Evacuee Trust Property Board to leave 10 marlas land of his residence, Lal Haveli. The notification stated that Sheikh Rashid’s hold on Lal Havelli's portion is illegal. Chairman of the board Sadiq Al Farooq said that...
  8. Peaceful Civilian

    'Population of Muslims has increased' - BJP MP Giriraj Singh asks Hindus to produce more children

    Patna: Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Monday said Hindus should seriously think of increasing their population in the country by producing more children. "There is a need to increase population of Hindus in the country. They should take this issue seriously as their population has been...
  9. Peaceful Civilian

    Mukesh Ambani's net worth more than GDP of 14 Indian states, UTs

    However, what's more interesting is that Ambani's net worth surpasses the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of 14 Indian states and union territories. His net worth stands at $22.7 billion. Ambani's neyworth outranks GDP of states such as Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Puducherry. Dilip...
  10. Peaceful Civilian

    AIR INDIA has reported an operating profit of Rs 105 crore

    New Delhi: For the first time in a decade, Air India has reported an operating profit of Rs 105 crore in the last fiscal aided by lower fuel costs and rise in passenger numbers The state-owned airline, which is working on ways to improve its financials, had an operating loss of Rs 2,636 crore...
  11. Peaceful Civilian

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Second 'safe' replacement catches fire

    A second replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device, deemed safe by the company, has caught fire in the US, US media report. Samsung has been forced to issue new models of the smartphone following complaints of faulty batteries. A man in Kentucky said he was "scared to death" when he woke to a...
  12. Peaceful Civilian

    Teen Busted After Pointing Laser At Police Helicopter (Canada)

    Vaughan, ON - On Sunday, August 16, 2015, at 1:30 a.m., Air2 was in the area of Highway 7 and Pine Valley Drive assisting uniform officers on the ground, who were responding to a weapons call. While searching for a suspect from the air, the pilot and tactical flight officer were struck by an...
  13. Peaceful Civilian

    Apollo Astronaut Says Aliens Prevented A Nuclear War On Earth

    Sometimes it’s amusing to poke fun at conspiracy theorists. After all, most of them believe irrational stories with little to no evidence, and attempt to fit contrasting evidence to their theory – as opposed to actual scientists, who realize their theories could be wrong in the face of evidence...
  14. Peaceful Civilian

    Hamid Gul’s Pakistan legacy: Taliban blowback

    For many critics of the Pakistani security establishment, Lieut. Gen. Hamid Gul personified many of its flaws. Gul, who died Saturday of a brain hemorrhage, served as head of Pakistan’s pre-eminent spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, for just two years, between 1987 and...
  15. Peaceful Civilian

    North Korea threatens to attack U.S.

    N. Korea threatens U.S. with attack if military exercises are conducted as planned The annual 'Ulchi Freedom Guardian' training exercises begin Monday (CNN)North Korea threatened to "retaliate against the U.S. with tremendous muscle" if it didn't cancel multinational military exercises scheduled...
  16. Peaceful Civilian

    Border violation: Iran fires four mortar shells into Panjgur

    QUETTA: Iranian border guards on Tuesday fired four mortar shells into a western district of Balochistan in a fresh incident of border violation. A senior official of the Balochistan government confirmed that “four mortars landed in the Kushak area of Panjgur. No loss of life was reported...
  17. Peaceful Civilian

    China Envoy Warns Japan Not to Backtrack on Expressions of WW2 Remorse

    TOKYO — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe needs to clearly express remorse for his nation's World War Two actions or risk "rubbing salt in the wounds" of those who suffered, China's ambassador to Japan said on Thursday. Ties between the Asian neighbors have long been fraught due to China's...
  18. Peaceful Civilian

    Clinton's Corruption

    The Clinton Foundation “received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments” from corporations, foreign sources and other groups in 2014, The Washington Post reported 10 days ago. That’s in addition to “millions” in foreign donations for the years 2010 to 2013 that were not...
  19. Peaceful Civilian

    Air Force may send F-22s to Europe over Russia 'threat'

    The U.S. Air Force could be sending some of its most advanced warplanes to Europe in a show of force against Russian actions in Ukraine and elsewhere around the continent, the service's top civilian said Monday. "The biggest threat on my mind is what's happening with Russia and the activities...
  20. Peaceful Civilian

    Nato condemns Putin's nuclear 'sabre-rattling'

    Nato has condemned Russia's move to strengthen its nuclear arsenal, saying it amounted to "nuclear sabre-rattling" and was "unjustified" and "dangerous". President Vladimir Putin said Russia would put more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles into service this year. It is part of a...

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